Best Pizza in Civitavecchia

Please Note: In September of 2019 we spent some time again in Civitavecchia and discovered that the Pizzeria Margherita Di Gandolfi Cristian has closed and the space is being remodeled for another business. Click HERE for a good alternative if you are looking for pizza and it is only a block away.

Civitavecchia is actually a nice city with a number of nice restaurants and lots of good shopping. It wouldn’t be a tourist destination though if half the cruise ships in the Mediterranean weren’t coming and going from its port. That’s what probably brings most of us to this city. The waterfront is about eight or ten blocks long stretching from the train station to the port entrance. To its credit there are a number of restaurants along this strip featuring outdoor seating. Great for a cappuccino, wine or a bite but if you want pizza we have a suggestion:

Pizzeria Margherita Di Gandolfi Cristian

To find the pizzeria walk down the water front toward the port until you get to the McDonalds. Turn right and walk up two blocks and follow the street to the left past the pedestrian mall. On the far side of the Cathedral of San Francesco d’Assisi turn right on Via Giuseppe Mazzini. Walk up the hill and take the second left on Via Giosuè Carducci and the Pizzeria Margherita Di Gandolfi Cristian is on the left with an outdoor seating area. I don’t think there is actually a name on the restaurant though.

This neighborhood pizzeria is the real thing and it usually has six or eight different pies out at any one time. You make your selection by the slice, they put them on a scale and you pay by the weight of the order. They offer single serve bottles of wine and soft drinks.

Most of the seating is out on the sidewalk with only a few small tables and chairs inside. When the weather turns cold they have an enclosure for the tables out front with heaters.

Great choices and great pizza.

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