Impressions On Visiting Venice

A poem about seeing the world by Herbert Nehrlich ends

“With any luck I shall be longer than expected
and then, before you call me home
there still is Venice, and after that?”

Gondola on the Grand Canal

The saying is “See Venice and die” meaning that after such a peak experience, there’s nothing left to do but die. Maybe we wouldn’t go that far, but this city belongs on every bucket list. It is also difficult to describe Venice aside from the great restaurants, bars, the canals, designer glass factories, mask makers, shops, gondolas, architecture and on and on.  So the best thing we can offer is to let Venice speak for herself….


Murano Island
Church of San Giorgio Maggiore
Campo Santo Stefano
Piazza San Marco, Doge’s Palace, Saint Mark’s Basilica
A Mask Makers Shop
Glass Shop Piazza San Marco

We plan to add several posts focused on specific locations in Venice and would welcome impressions of other travelers’ visits.

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