The Port of Livorno, Italy

General – Livorno is a popular cruise port of call mostly because it is a gateway to Pisa and Florence. Cruise ships offer a wide range of tours focused primarily on those two cities. But Livorno is also the center of the Etruscan Coast with its beautiful beaches and medieval villages.

Where You’re Docked – While the ships dock in this city, they tie-up at an industrial port that normally doesn’t allow walking out. Most ships offer shuttles that will take you to the city center, near Piazza della Repubblica for free or a small charge.

Livorno Centrale

Transportation – Usually taxis are sparse at the pier but cruise lines provide a shuttle into the city. If you intend to go to either Pisa or Florence a number of outlets (tobacco shops, tourist stands, convenience stores) sell a combination ticket that includes round trip train fare and round trip bus service to the train station (Centrale). A taxi to the Centrale will usually run about €5.

Trains run frequently throughout the day, often every 30 minutes and are actually the fastest way to get to both cities. In Pisa it is about a half hour walk to the cathedral and leaning tower.

As of this writing train fare is:

Livorno Station (Centrale) to Pisa Centrale from €7.90

Livorno Centrale to Florence Centrale from €12.10

For the more adventurous a rental car is a good investment for a day trip down the Etruscan Coast. There is also good train service with a trip from Livorno to Castagneto Carducci-Donoratico starting at €12. Be sure an check the return schedules.

Nearby Trips – The main attractions are a visit to either Pisa or Florence and they are an easy round trip train ride. While Pisa can occupy a few hours Florence needs a full day just to begin to appreciate this city. So get started early and allow plenty of time for the return trip.

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If you have the opportunity visit the inland medieval towns to the south of Livorno like Bolgheri, Castagneto Carducci and Suvereto which can be reached by train.

Often overlooked by cruise ship passengers is the stretch of coastline from Livorno to Piombino known as the Etruscan Coast and stretches for about 60 miles. It is an area with incredible natural settings characterized by fantastic beaches, medieval villages, and often wild and rocky cliffs along the sea. The Etruscan Coast is worth a visit for its history, art, good food and wine.

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