Cruise Port Santorini Greece

beautiful town of Fira looking out to sea
The Old Port of Santorini
Looking up at Fira from the caldera at Old Port
Old Port below Fira

Cruise ships visiting Santorini usually anchor out and tender in to the Old Port.

About 3,500 years ago in the Eastern Mediterranean a great Minoan civilization flourished. It was centered in Crete with towns and cities established on a number of nearby islands. From a number of archeological excavations we know that they built multi-story houses that were decorated with incredible frescoes and had advanced plumbing systems some with hot and cold running water. One of the richest cities was Akrotiri (not its ancient name) located in the middle of trade routes connecting Crete, Cyprus, Greece and Egypt. On a day around 1625 BC it all came to an end as one of the largest volcanic eruptions of the last 5,000 years destroyed most of the island under Akrotiri. Shortly after that tsunamis from the eruption swept across Crete and dozens of other Minoan islands. Over a short period of time an entire civilization vanished.

Cruise ship anchored off Old Port of Santorini
At anchor off Old Port

Welcome to Santorini, Greece! Santorini was named in the thirteenth century after Saint Irene. The old name Thera was revived a century ago as the official name of the island but Santorini is still used.



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Where You’re Ship Stops – There are only cruise ship piers on Santorini for smaller ships. Docking space is at a premium and most facilities are used by ferries and cargo ships. Most Cruise ships anchor out and use tenders to take passengers to the Old Port. Since the island is noted for its shear 900 foot cliffs rising out of the sea, the first challenge is getting from the limited sea level space up on top of the island.

Transportation – From the Old Port you will find four options to get up to the top of the island to the town of Fira. A mule ride (€8/$8.70), or a serious hike up 580 steps and on the same path as the mules. A cable car which costs €6 each way and take 3 to 6 minutes. Island bus service or a taxi.


cable cars down to Old Port and cruise ship at anchor
Cabble cars down to Old Port

While Santorini has good bus service and a bus route does go to the Old Port, it would probably be more efficient to take the cable car and if you want to see more of the island catch a bus in Fira or take a taxi. The island towns are very walkable with their unique white-washed stucco buildings and bright colored doors and trim being very picturesque.

Bus Service – The island bus service is KTEL with the average fare being under €2. You can see the fare schedule HERE and a system map HERE .

Taxis – Taxis are available but catching one at the Old Port can at times be difficult. An average trip between towns will cost around €10 to €20. You can also have a taxi take you on a tour around the island but be sure and firm up a price before starting out.

Money – Like most of Europe the accepted currency on Santorini is the Euro. Credit cards are widely accepted but for incidental expenses you should carry some Euros.

looking to the islands on far side of caldera fromSanto Wine patio
The view from Santo Wine

Things To Do – First, the island and it’s towns are the primary attraction. Your ship will be anchoring in a huge circular caldera with its shear inner walls forming the coast of several islands. Clinging to the upper sides of these cliffs are a number of iconic towns inviting you to stroll their streets.

Minoan frescos of boating scenes from ruins at Akratiri
Akratiri Frescos

Minoan Akrotiri – A major archeological excavation site open to the public this will probably exceed the size of the archeological excavations at Pompeii. It is also a treasure trove of some of the worlds oldest frescos most preserved by the eruption showing remarkable detail and vibrant colors.


Wineries – Santorini is also home to a number of small, good wineries. The wine at the Santo Wines is only exceeded by the fabulous views from their patio. There are a number of wine tours available.

Donkey Rides – One option to get from Old Port up to the town of Fira (the islands Capital) is to ride the donkeys. These sturdy animals climb a winding trail that switches back and forth as you ascend about seven hundred feet to the top. While not my cup of tea people say it is very similar to going down into the Grand Canyon by donkey (also not my cup of tea).

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