Save While Roaming Internationally

Cell Phone Services and International Roaming

Over the years we have done a lot of searching for cell services that provide good international service without costing an arm and a leg. Our main service at home has been Verizon for a lot of years and we have used several international services for traveling out of the country like One Sim Card. We gave Verizon any number of opportunities to work overseas and have more often than not been frustrated. Last Spring while visiting Ireland and Iceland we kept asking people that seemed to be making frequent use of their phones what service they used and everyone said T-Mobile. Well that was enough for us, we have now switched. Our first trial last month was while in Bermuda and Grand Turk. Now we are off to Europe with what we think is the best option for American cell service while traveling.

Switching to T-Mobile has already saved us about $70 a month on service for three active phones. The new plan we have includes unlimited voice, text and data and the service seems to work just fine. Traveling internationally we still get unlimited data and text with calls costing an average of 25¢ per minute. Our “One Sim Card” service was averaging 20¢ a minute and required some steps in making a call.

Our home phone service has been with MagicJack which has been working fine for almost 8 years. By adding their app to one of our cell phones our MagicJack  home calls will ring on that phone using the cell phones cellular data service. In Bermuda, Grand Turk and at home the app has worked every time (the ringer is too load compared to the phones normal ring and I am still trying to adjust that).

While in Bermuda the T-Mobile service worked great. We used data for internet and navigation and at one point someone asked what service we were on because it seemed we were much faster than theirs. That’s never happened before. Texting worked great and the MagicJack app worked well for making voice calls. The only awkward part of the MagicJack app was opening the app to answer incoming calls required three steps. Over three whole days of international usage everything worked just fine and the best part is there were no additional costs involved.

We are now off for a month in European a couple of days and are very hopeful that we now have the best international roaming service. With cell service that is always subject to change but we are working for the time being at least.

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