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All maps are not the same…

We are big fans of public transportation but as we travel the one mistake we routinely make is not giving any thought to maps until we actually arrive in a new city. Every major city has literally hundreds of maps available but oddly it is sometimes difficult to locate one that focuses on what information you need and is also in English. I’ve started doing research ahead of our trips and have started modifying maps to make it easier to understand the mass transit systems. By locating major attractions of interest and eliminating parts of the system that are intended to outline express and regional routes to suburban areas the map and systems become much easier to understand.

Included here are links to seven of our recent pdf maps that will allow you to download and print or save as references. Simply click on any map below to download.

Sydney Australia

One map that covers the Metro, Light Rail and Ferry Systems. One pass ,the Opal Card, covers them all.

Rome Italy

A map of the metropolitan rail system. Includes all stops and transfer points with routes to the airport and the seaport marked.

Paris France

A simplified Metro map eliminating half the extended rail lines with major attractions indicated with colorful asterisks. One of the worlds most extensive metro systems made understandable


An incredible mass transit system and very easy to understand. Most attractions are called out in the station name.

Budapest Hungary

A fantastic city with a great mass transit system. The map covers Metro Lines (subways) and the Tram (street car) lines with attractions.

Manhattan NY

A simplified map of Manhattan showing the subway lines and the major attraction locations.

Hong Kong Metro

Clean, easy to understand and modern, this is a world class mass transit system.

Disney World Transportation

Australia’s Blue Mountains

A great day trip out of Sydney with fantastic hiking trails.

Key West Florida

Maui Hawaii

Featuring one of the islands best and least expensive bus systems.

In addition to the maps above we have a number of articles on getting around many of these great cities. They too will be converted to our downloadable pdf format in the near future.

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