Google and Search Results

Somethings Wrong and I’m Not Sure What It Is?

I love Google and I hate Google at the same time and something needs to change.


As we travel the world, I’m drawn to graffiti (the pun was an accident) and we’ve made five posts showing what we have found. I have very strong opinions that range from it being street art to awful vandalism and I believe it is most of all a barometer of how a society is faring.

But that is not what this post is about – it’s about Google. Google isn’t fair and you can easily prove it to yourself. Last week I had two referrals to this site in one day from two different search engines. They both used the same exact search phrase – “graffiti around the world” which is a post’s title. One came from Bing and one from Lycos.

I have ten different search engines bookmarked and as an experiment I used that phrase on each one. Here’s what I discovered:

Using nine different search engines our post showed up within the top seven results.

The average position per search was 2.7th place.

Using Google I gave up looking after 175 results.

Google Analytics indicates that our average position in results is 52.

Google Analytics indicates that we average 14 clicks per 1,000 impressions or 1.5%.

Does anyone really know what you are supposed to do to improve your search results with Google? Isn’t it odd how large, financially successful internet sites dominate Google search results (below those ad listings) often even when phrases don’t match? Good SEO practices seem to improve our position with everyone but Google?

Here are the search engines I used: reported not secure reported not secure do a search – plant a tree


There’s been a lot of discussion about Google being biased in what results they provide in political based searches as well as major social issues. Regardless of how you feel about various issues isn’t it fair that the worlds largest search engine provide balanced results? At some point, people stop making informed decisions because they no longer are aware there are two sides to an issue. Isn’t this dangerous for society? Just what gave them this authority?

Data suggests that Google provides more than 60% of all searches (some say 80%+). In the case of our site they refer less than 50%. Another oddity in our case is Google Analytics indicates we average somewhere between 3 and 5 clicks per day while our WordPress stats show that Google refers about double those numbers? We also get much more from other search engines on average?

If Google was 15% or 20% of the search world do you think they would be doing these things?We’d really like to hear other bloggers input.

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