Corona Virus & Cruising Update 15

February 2020, The cruise industry is being seriously impacted by the coronavirus. Keep up to date on the latest news from cruise ports around the world.

Centered in China the corona virus (now named “2019-nCoV acute respiratory disease”) is of particular concern in the area around the South China Sea and has a serious impact on the cruise industry.

There is as much hysteria regarding cruising and the corona virus as there is accurate information.

We have been watching the news and have been doing daily updates on the virus and the cruise industry. Following are our updates:

Two Epidemics

After reading a number of reports and looking at the data, it seems that there are two epidemics. The first is the corona virus in China which represents over 99% of the cases and the second is the rest of the world. While the China data indicates a major epidemic there are suggestions that the numbers are at least understated and could be seriously manipulated for a number of mostly political purposes. With its ease of transmission and a death rate there above 2% every country on Earth has aggressively moved to isolate the virus in China, so far with some success.

The cruise industry was right in quickly cutting Chinese ports from their itineraries and refusing passengers boarding who had recently been in China.

Based on this information we are adjusting our data to reflect the two epidemics. The more relevant data on cases outside China are on the left side and Totals & China on the right.

Corona virus data as of Noon February 28th EST

Outside China & Hong Kong

Total Cases Outside China, Macau & Hong Kong – 2,660* (a gain of 778 mostly on large increases in South Korea and Iran)

Total Cases Recovered Outside China, Macau & Hong Kong 381

Deaths Outside China, Macau & Hong Kong 123

Days Since First Known Case 78

*this number does not include the Diamond Princess cases which is considered a unique and extreme environment. After the outbreak the ship was quarantined creating a contained environment conducive to spread within a population of about 5,000 people.

The Diamond Princess is currently reporting:

705 Infected 5 Deaths 10 Recovered

Total Worldwide Cases

Total Recorded Cases 82,548 (up from 80,350 on the 25th and 79,773 on the 24th).

Total Worldwide Recovered 36,664 (up from 33,252 on the 27th).

Total Deaths 2,867 (worldwide an increase of about 54 per day).

China, Hong Kong & Macau

Cases In China 78,824 (78,497 on the 27th).

Deaths in China & Hong Kong 2,702

Cruise ships and The Corona Virus

February 27 Update

Recent reports concerning the State Department and CDC advisories have been overstated. While there are recommendations against travel to China and South Korea, beyond that they are simply saying to be cautious in travel.

The State Department also has an advisory about cruising which simply states they have, so far worked to assist cruise ships and evacuate passengers and you should not depend on them doing this in the future…

For a complete record of our updates Click the button to the right.

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