COVID-19 Got You Stuck At Home? Want To Travel?

23 March 2020

Let’s Travel The World And See Amazing Things On The Magic Carpet Of The Internet

We’re self-quarantined along with an amazing number of people worldwide. The internet is an incredible window to a world of information but it is also a virtual gateway to the world. Exploring yesterday I was amazed at the places we can virtually travel. Here are a few of my discoveries for your consideration.

Travel and explore the world on your own and have fun. Try search terms like “virtual tours” with a location or subject name you’d like see. To get you started here are a selection of our discoveries. Just click on images or buttons below:

Visit and walk around inside the Grand Palace grounds in Bangkok, Thailand.

See the wonders on display in America’s museum, The Smithsonian as you explore its halls and exhibits.

Explore the Vatican Museum and visit the St. Peters Cathedral and the Sistine Chapel.

Explore the treasures inside the famous Louvre of Paris, France.

Stroll through the exhibits of the Metropolitan Museum in New Your.

Through Youtube Google offers a number of cultural videos from great art to historic places. Click to subscribe (free).

Stroll through the home of America’s most creative founding fathers. Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.

Start a visit to America’s National Parks with Yellowstone and Old Faithful and continue on to dozens more.

Stroll and explore The Acropolis in Athens.

Explore on your own and have fun. Try search terms like “virtual tours” and a place or subject you’d like see.

If you come across a great site please share with others in the comments below and I’ll add them to updates in the coming days!

Bon Voyage!

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