Coronavirus (COVID-19) An Index


Information on the coronavirus, cruising and staying safe and healthy. For a couple of weeks we’ve been doing research and posting information regarding this pandemic. This is an index to our current information.

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General information about the history and spread and response to the coronavirus.

Traveling and staying healthy an introduction. Steps to take and things to carry while traveling.

What to expect should you become infected by the coronavirus and actions to take.

travelers at  airport,

A look at the coronavirus and its spread and impact on the Diamond Princess.

Actions to take to avoid getting sick while traveling on airplanes and cruise ships.

A look at the reaction to the swine flu versus our current approach to the coronavirus.

Cruise and travel insurance considerations after the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Steps you should take if you think you have the coronavirus. Updated on 3/26/2020.

The case of the Diamond Princess in Japan, the cause of infection, the reaction and results.

A recommended travel medication kit to take with you on the road or when taking a cruise.

keep calm and carry on

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