Save An Industry – Save A Lot Of Money

Save An Industry – Save A Way Of Life – Save A Lot Of Money

Cruise ship docked in Sydney Australia

When this COVID-19 pandemic is over, and it will be over, it will take some time for the travel industry to recover. The impacts of 9-11 and the 2008 recession lasted for a number of months (some data suggests over a year). While airlines have been the principle vehicle that quickly spread the coronavirus pandemic worldwide, it seems unlikely that they won’t quickly return to booking air travel, but of all the travel segments it is the cruise lines that will probably suffer the most and the longest.

Centrum on Carnival Valor

Cruise ships all over the world were singled out for harsh treatment by governments in reaction to the coronavirus, many for no real reason. Cruise ships and passengers that did get infected suffered way more than they should have, primarily at the hands of hysterical public health departments. Hopefully governments and the cruise industries have learned from these mistakes and will work out practicle emergency policies to help cruise ships in the future.

COVID-19 has created a public relations and management nightmare for the industry as a whole and will probably do lasting damage to those cruise companies.

A Celebrity veranda stateroom

Understanding that much of the reporting about cruise ships was sensational and way overblown and that cruising wouldn’t have grown so fast if it wasn’t one of the best travel experiences available at an incredible value. That will not have changed, provided the companies can survive the months ahead.

Want to help save an industry? Want a great experience? Want to save big money? It’s easy, just get out there and book a cruise!

To tempt you here are a few of our finds today with many being at half normal fare.

  • Royal Caribbean
  • 4 Nights Miami to Bahamas with a day at CocoCay, Miami $218
  • 9 Nights Baltimore to New England & Canada $510
  • Celebrity
  • 14 Night Scandinavia & St. Petersburg from Southampton starting at $1,799
  • 14 Nights Alaska (back to back) Round trip Vancouver to Seward to Vancouver $898 (2 cruises)
  • Carnival
  • 4 Nights Miami, Key West, Cozumel $109
  • 8 Night Alaska – Seattle to Vancouver $649

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