Travel In The News For November 12th

Shutdowns Sweep Through Major Regions

Western Canada – Manitoba prepare to shut down as COVID-19 cases surge; Alberta, B.C. considers more restrictions.

South America & Caribbean Shutdowns and closed borders spread as Latin America and Caribbean report infection surge -Education on hold as generation of children in Latin America and the Caribbean are missing out on schooling from COVID-19

U.K.–on lockdown and travel banned through November.

France—in lockdown and testing all arrivals

Germany—reduces quarantine to 10 days, requires a test.

Austria—under curfew for November, ski resorts closed

Belgium—in lockdown for November

Bulgaria—mass tests people near mink farms -On 6 November, Bulgaria ordered mass PCR testing for people in the vicinity of two mink farms in the country, after the virus mutated from mink farms in Denmark.

Croatia—still has open borders, even to U.S.

Greece—all arrivals must show a negative PCR test.

Cyprus—EU+ countries must now test

Czech Republic—new rules for international arrivals. As of November 9, arrivals will be grouped into red, yellow and green categories, with red being the most at risk. Travelers from the green and green list can enter freely, but international arrivals for work or study from the yellow group must fill out a form and a negative PCR test. Arrivals from red list countries must fill out an entry form and show a negative PCR test or go into quarantine.

Denmark— north Denmark now under lockdown.

Finland—requires a negative tests from 23 November onwards to enter.

Hungary—goes into lockdown with borders closed.

Iceland – is currently operating a policy of double screening, which has been extended until December. International arrivals have to choose between either going directly into a 14-day quarantine or choosing to do two tests; one when they arrive and one after 5 or 6 days of quarantine, after which they are free to travel without restrictions around the country if they are negative.

Italy—in complete lockdown and hospitals are at full capacity.

Malta—All bars closed and tests increased.

The Netherlands is currently on lockdown with partial relaxing on Nov. 19.

Norway – the prime minister Erna Solberg announced new stay-at-home measures to reduce social contact as much as possible until early December.

Poland—in lockdown for November

Portugal—curfew announced.

Spain—under curfew and PCR tests now required.

Sweden—The government has proposed a ban on alcohol sales after 10pm at all bars and restaurants.

Australia tightens restriction nationwide as states announce different levels of restrictions to contain Covid-19.

South Africa will lift restrictions on all international travel.

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