A Sensational Way To Preserve Those Travel Memories – Travel Books

Thousands of pictures from hundreds of trips and things start getting mixed up. We’ve developed a plan to keep these memories straight and preserve the best of the photographs.

Want to keep those travel photos where they will be safe and easy to access years from now? Have concerns about recollecting some details of that great vacation trip? Want to remember names and addresses of favorite restaurants that you can recommend? We now use a process that fits those concerns perfectly.

After each trip we take time to compose a book about the recent adventure. We’ve discovered these are good alternatives to boring our friends and relatives with a slide show. If guests seem interested, it is easy to pass around our trip books. We also look forward to sharing them with our grandchildren and even refreshing our memories and reliving adventure as time goes by.

There are a number of services that allow you to create a custom designed book from your own photographs and have it professionally printed and mailed back to you. People use these services to create wedding albums, family photo albums, special occasion records and unique gifts. While we have created books for a number of reasons, our favorite is to keep a record of our travels.

The process is simple and easy. You create an online account, upload photographs to the online project site and use the website to pick your format, design each page and add copy. These services also offer numerous styles to pick from and decorative accents you can add to the pages. When you finish, simply order, pay and expect a finished book to come in the mail in a few days.

Probably the largest of these services is Shutterfly but you should also look into Blurb and Snapfish along with services within popular photo software like Google and Apple’s Photo.

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