Europe Photo Gallery

Images of Budapest

Photographic impressions from near and far…

Spending Time In Budapest • Budapest is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities and is completely magical along the Danube River after the Sun sets. The river is the very heart of Hungary’s combined cities of Buda and Pest and the river entices people to stroll its banks, sit in parks and cafes enjoying the moment and watching the boats glide by. Everyone who visits Budapest falls in love with this remarkable city.

North To Alaska

Discover a place where wilderness reigns and abundant natural beauty is found at every turn. Come and explore the sights and culture of the 49th state on coastal cruises, visits to glaciers, the wonder of the northern lights, and Alaska Native cultural centers. While cruising Alaska is the most popular way to experience America’s largest […]

A Growing Concern In Barcelona

An Occassion For A Deep Dive Into Graffiti We have visited Barcelona a number of times over the past few years and love this city. We have been watching the reports on the Free Catalonia movement and the harsh reaction of the central Spanish government and have been concerned. This last visit revealed what we […]

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