A Christmas Gift For You

For a number of years we’ve been creating unique maps to be framed and used as remembrances of trips taken. We have given them as gifts and often get requests to produce more for other friends and family members. We have also sold them unframed online (Etsy) and framed through local gift shops. This Christmas we’re giving away a digital version to download as gifts for our website visitors. They also work well as computer wallpaper.

There are two versions available here a jpg suitable for printing at 13″x19″ and a pdf that can be used for computer wallpaper.

If you would like us to print this map for you with customization CLICK HERE. (Mailing in the United States only) requires printing costs, pack and shipping to be paid.




PRINTING YOUR TRAVEL MAP – There are two files that can be downloaded. The first is a jpeg (jpg) that is scaled to print at 13″x19″ with good resolution. Most UPS stores and office supply stores offer services to print your computer files along with local quick printers and copy shops. Office Depot and OfficeMax will provide color prints printed same-day starting at under $15. When printing it is recommended that you print borderless on a heavy stock like Epson premium presentation paper.

The other file is a pdf and it is scaled for the ratio of most laptops making it a good choice if you are interested in using it as computer wallpaper.

Customization – These files are unlocked, open documents that can be viewed by dozens of readily available applications many native in desktop and laptop computers. Most of this software also allows for “annotation” on opened documents that can be used to personalize your maps.

TIPS ON FRAMING YOUR TRAVEL MAP – Start with a ready made frame. When selecting a frame be sure to get one that is a back-loaded frame. There are a number of moderately priced frames available for 13” x 19” digital prints. See the suggestions below on what and where to buy. To make it a push-pin map you need to leave off the glass and back it with a foam board

  1. Disassemble the frame and cut the foam board to exactly the size of the map. A razor and metal straight edge are the best tools for cutting foam board. Set aside the glass as it isn’t used.

2. Buy a sheet of foam board large enough to fit the map. Foam board is available at a number of craft and office supply stores. When available we buy from Dollar Tree as they are significantly less expensive. You may notice a slight bow in their board versus other brands but, as you are going to be fitting it into a frame where it will be held down at a number of points, that won’t matter.

Place the map and foam board together and position them inside the frame from the back. It isn’t necessary to tape or mount the map if the frame fit is snug. Often taping or mounting can allow bubbles to show on the maps surface.

Replace the back and bend the tabs down or lock the frame latches.

Add some colored push pins and you’re done.

Three Good Sources for 13×19 frames include
Michaels that offers a number of inexpensive 13×19 frames. Be sure and get a back loading frame. Studio Decor seems to be exclusive with them but we have bought these several times and the frame thickness has been different on what should have been the same model. Some now seem to require the layer of foam board to be carved away in places to allow for the locking mechanism to fit under the frame lip which didn’t use to be the case.

Art Frame online has a number of different style frames in 13×19. No glass (a good thing) or backing (you will need to back the foam board with a heavy cardboard).

Target has a 13×19 black frame with glass that uses bend-tabs (probably the easiest to load) available by mail order only.


And lets get some pins in these maps in 2021!

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