Lightroom Fun in Maui — Cats and Trails and Garden Tales

My two passions are travel and photography and in addition to cameras and cellphones there’s amazing photographic software out there. More and more that’s where much of the creative action is. I’ve been a user of Photoshop, Elements and Lightroom for some time (Photoshop over 30 years) along with Mac Photos and they’re great tools. However I’ve given up on the related Adobe Organizer for a number of reasons, some very serious, and I hate using cloud based anything when I travel. Not having access to the internet is always a concern.

Cats and Trails and Garden Tales shows off some of her older photos reworked using Lightroom in a featured post. Really great images!

No I’m not in Maui now – I wish I was – but I am exploring Lightroom – Adobe’s Lightroom Classic. I just finished a class on the software – virtually of course – and decided to subscribe for a year. (A 7 day trial wasn’t enough.) I was overwhelmed at first – everyone else […]

Lightroom Fun in Maui — Cats and Trails and Garden Tales

Note: I’ve recently discovered Luminar 4 and it solves the issues I’ve been having with Mac Photos and Adobe Organizer. The way it accesses photographic files is really great. You set up your own photo folders, place them in a directory and Luminar searches and indexes that directory. Simple and you don’t have to import and export photos all the time like Adobe Organizer or Mac Photos. It also has a suite of editing plug-ins that you can add to ($).

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