The Port of Call Maui Hawaii

Lahaina is the cruise port of call for the gorgeous island of Maui, a port famous for its miles of beautiful white sand beaches. Lahaina has excellent shopping in a central area famous for its galleries. The tender landing is near to a beach with plenty of beach shops and great restaurants serving up Hawaiian cuisine. Be sure and stop for a shave ice.

The island of Maui is actually two volcanic cones with a flat plain connecting them. The larger volcano is Haleakala rising 10,023 feet out of the Pacific and boasting the largest crater in the world some 20 miles across . It is still considered active with eruptions spaced many years apart. The scenic Haleakala National Park is known as the “house of the sun” setting the stage for a breathtaking range of landscapes—and skyscapes. The other volcano is Puʻu Kukui rising above the town of Lahaina.

Where You Dock – Lahaina is a tender port with boats landing in the towns marina. The town is very walkable with the major parts of the town being four or five blocks back from the waterfront and extending up and down the waterfront.

Transportation – For getting around the island Maui has rental cars, taxis, a bus service, and a train. The buses and train run between resort areas and are great for shopping and getting to major beaches..The Maui Bus service consists of thirteen bus routes and provides service in and between various Central, South, West, Haiku, Kula and Upcountry Maui communities. All of the routes are operated seven days a week, including all holidays. No transfers are given on any of the routes. All routes cost $2 per trip and there are no transfers ($1 for those over 55) and there is a day pass for $4. From the tender dock it is a short walk to the Wharf Cinema Center where four bus routes connect.

Click this map to download a hires pdf copy

If you’d like to explore the entire island renting a car is recommended. For specific destinations taking a tour is the best option for limited time schedules.

The island of Maui is shaped like a figure eight 45 miles long and 25 miles wide, with the well known Hana Highway being the main scenic route along the north shore east around Haleakala to the eastern tip.

Money – The U.S. Dollar is the only regularly accepted currency with major credit cards welcome and ATM machines easy to find.

Attractions – In addition to the appeal of a tropical paradise, beautiful waters and great beaches the real center of attention is Haleakala. There a few places on Earth where you can go from sea level to over ten thousand feet in only a dozen miles, as the crow flies. The road climbs at a gentle rate and the view from the top is breathtaking. It is recommended that visits should be scheduled early in the day as it is common for the peak to become wrapped in clouds later in the day.

The town of Lahaina has a long and varied history. The earliest settlers of Maui date back to around 450 A.D or earlier. In 1802, King Kamehameha declared the Maui town of Lahaina the capital of his Hawaiian island kingdom. He built a brick palace on the shores of Lahaina and you can see the ruins in the middle of town along with other royal buildings and residences on a site called Moku`ula. Lahaina served as the seat of government for over 50 years, until the capital moved to Honolulu.

In the 1800s, Lahaina was also a major whaling port and fishing town, thanks to its harbor and a location on the major whale migration routes. You can learn more about his historic town by visiting exhibits at the Baldwin Home Museum and the Lahaina Restoration Foundation. Stroll around Lāhainā Banyan Court (Park) near the waterfront with the oldest tree on Maui at its center.

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