Port of Call Livorno, Italy

Livorno, Italy – Gateway To Pisa And Florence

Livorno is a popular cruise port of call, primarily for its location only a short distance from Pisa with Florence about another hour away by train. Pisa is only 17 miles away and Florence is a little over 75 miles and both can be reached on the same train service.

The port of Livorno is one of the busiest ports in Italy. Stretching from the marina at the Livorno Aquarium, to the opening of the canal that joins the river Arno. Cruise ships docking in this port provide an opportunity to see a major working port up close.

Where Your Ship Docks – There is a Livorno cruise terminal, Alto Fondale, mainly used by ferry passengers and cruise ships embarking and disembarking in Livorno. Cruise ships making a port call often dock away from the cruise terminal and provide shuttle busses into the city.

Transportation – If your are making a port call to Livorno, there is often shuttle bus service provided into the central city. If you are planning on visiting Pisa or Florence on your own there are a couple of options. Take a taxi to the Stazione Livorno Centrale and catch a train that runs every 30 to 45 minutes. If you are interested only in visiting Pisa there is regular bus service, Monday through Saturday, from the Livorno Stazione Marittima (port bus stop) that takes you to both Pisa Airport (the regional airport) and to Pisa Central Train Station with only a half hour walk to the cathedral. One-way fare is €2.30 (Euros) from a vendor, or €3.50 if purchased on the bus.

From Stazione Livorno Centrale to Florence train tickets cost €10 to €12 one-way for a Standard Class with over 30 trains per day. The trip takes from 1 hour to an hour and a half depending on the specific train. An eight person taxi to the station from Livorno port is about €25 or about €4 each which is less expensive than most ship shuttles to the city centre. Take a local bus from there to the station.

NOTE: There are a number of docks and if your cruise ship doesn’t dock near the Stazione Marittima, you’ll need to take a taxi to the Livorno train station. The Moby Lines and the Corsica Lines ferries (both to Sardinia and Corsica) dock at the Stazione Marittima.


Currency – Italy uses the Euro (€) and other currencies are not usually accepted. Most major credit cards are welcome and there are numerous ATMs.

Attractions – The Nuova Venezia area surrounds the Fortezza Nuova and is known as New Venice because of the canals that weave between the streets. Beginning at the Scali delle Ancore, walk around the central canal and across the bridge on Via della Venezia past waterways and small sailing boats lining the canals.

Visit the Scali del Reugio and the beautiful Chiesa di Santa Caterina before heading on to the Fortezza Nuova.


Fortezza Nuova, constructed in the 1500’s, is the New Fort was actually a second fortification intended to improve the cities defenses incorporating the old fort. Featuring a pentagonal design with a series of gun batteries, the fort is an impressive structure surrounded on all sides by a canal.

A beautiful city on its own but better know as the gateway city to Pisa and Florence. Livorno is a great cruise seaport to visit.

If you are staying longer in Livorno take the opportunity to visit the inland medieval towns to the south of the city like Bolgheri, Castagneto Carducci and Suvereto which can be easily reached by a short train ride.

Also often overlooked by cruise ship passengers is the stretch of coastline from Livorno to Piombino known as the Etruscan Coast that stretches for about 60 miles. It is an area with incredible natural settings characterized by fantastic beaches, medieval villages, and often wild and rocky cliffs along the sea. The Etruscan Coast is well worth a visit for its history, art, good food and wine.

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