Electronics Power For Travelers And More

Travel Power Strip

This is our favorite electric extension strip. It’s compact, the cord wraps and stows and it features 3 USB ports and two outlets. Add a plug adaptor and you’re all set.

I can’t even count the number of times we’ve been in a hotel room where an oversized converter plug won’t even fit in the space of the rooms only wall outlet. Those cubes won’t fit in the space. This devices extension cord does the job.

Often after a day and a half of travel we need to plug in a number of electronics and you’ll need every outlet you can find. Add a multi-outlet to your gear and double the number of outlets on this strip. A small 2 prong cube is perfect.

The best power banks

Travel batteries come in all sizes and prices but if you travel a lot and regularly need a power bank don’t buy too cheap.

REMOSS has a line of portable power devices that come with multiple outlets and input options and enough power to share.

ROMOSS Sense 6+ 20000mAh Type-C PD Portable Charger, 18W Fast Charge Power Bank with Power Delivery Input, Max 3A Output.

If you buy bargain and don’t use it often you’ll probably be just throwing your money away

Heavy Duty Universal Charger

A Full 87W with USB-Type C Connection cable

This USB-C Charger works with MacBook Pro/iPad Pro/Samsung/Nintendo Switch/ASUS/Acer/Lenovo/Dell laptop/2018 Type-C laptop /tablets/Pocket PC/15 Inch laptop with Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports and smart Phones with The USB-C fast Charging. Fits most laptops with a USB-C Charging Port. Compatible with All Android phones with USB-C Charging Port like Samsung Galaxy S11/S10. Compact size with fold-in plug prongs.

For older Apple devices using a MagSafe connection there’s an accessory cable.

Keep track of your stuff

Digital Trackers – If you are seriously concerned about the prospect of having your backpack, suitcase or purse snatched there are additional aids you can consider. The are a number of international tracking devices that operate very similar to the “find my phone” cellphone feature. One is called Tracki and costs less than $20, but it does require a monthly fee to keep the SIM active globally.

Tracki: Unlimited distance real time tracking. Full USA & all countries worldwide coverage. International SIM card included. Monthly service as needed $19.95

Multi-cables a good choice

Short cables, long cables, micro USB, C – it seems we need to carry a tangle of charging cables when we travel but there is a solution.

We’ve picked up a couple of charging cable with an octopus of different types at the end. Add to that a USB extension cable and you’ve cut that tangle of wire more than in half.

If you buy bargain and don’t use it often you’ll probably be just throwing your money away

Simple international electric plug adaptors

There was a time when international travel required carrying a voltage converter along with a collection of plug adaptors. Today almost all electronic chargers and/or devices automatically adapt to the available current. You do still need plug adaptors but that is all that is necessary. Usually travel will only require one or two small plug adaptors to cover the countries on the trips itinerary.

More In Store

Selecting easy care travel fashion can go a long way to making a trip a great success.

Packing techniques and the right choices in travel equipment can make a world of difference.

Great items to make the cruise even more memorable. Good gift items too.

Meet us better

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Field tested items

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Practical advice



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Our ePublication Guide To Mediterranean Cruising has been in the works for some time now. We’re in the final stages of converting to EPub, Kindle and pdf versions.

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