The Port of Call Flåm, Norway

The Resort Village of Flåm, Norway

The tiny village of Flåm is actually an active cruise port and one of the most popular destinations in Norway, attracting thousands of visitors. Scandinavians from all over are drawn to its stunning scenery with steep, forested mountainsides with hundreds of waterfalls plunging into the blue fjord. This small picturesque village is situated at the end of the Aurlandsfjord, one of the arms off the 126 mile long and up to 4,000 foot deep Sognefjord.

Where Your Ship Docks

For such a tiny village Flåm can accommodate large cruise ships that dock along the waterfront in town. There are public facilities at the pier and the towns visitor center.


The village of Flåm has just 350 residents but welcome almost 500,000 tourists each year, so tourism is its main livelihood. There is no public transportation but the main attraction is the Flåm – Myrdal Railway. Flåm is the fjord terminus of the famous Flåmsbana Railway Line, one of the steepest and most scenic of its kind. Most trains between Oslo and Bergen connect to the Flåmsbana at Myrdal which is the other end of the Flåm – Myrdal Railway.


The local currency is the Krone or Kroner (NOK) with 1.00 NOK equal to about 12¢ US. It is also divided into 100 øre, which have only been available in digitally since 2012. Most credit cards are welcome and ATM machines are available.


Perhaps one of the most popular things to do in Flam, Norway is to take a ride on the scenic Flam Railway. It is considered one of the most beautiful train rides in the world. The Flåm – Myrdal Railway runs for 12 miles thru 20 tunnels and up to an altitude of 2,845 feet.

Enjoy a kayaking tour on the fjord. Paddling through the peaceful fjord on a three-hour long guided tour is amazingly beautiful. Although the fjord is extremely deep, the surface is calm, so this isn’t adventurous kayaking.

Take a tour to the Stegastein viewing platform outside of Flam.

For the souvenir collector there’s the biggest gift shop in Norway, Saga Souvenirs. In addition to a large collection of keychains, thimbles and shot glasses there are numerous regional products along wit an excellent selection of knitwear, jewelry and of course trolls.

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