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The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is dropping its requirement for travelers to test negative for COVID-19 before re-entering the United States.

The measure takes effect at midnight on Sunday, June 12 for U.S.-bound travelers. The testing requirement had been in place since January 2021 for all travelers, even Americans to re-enter the United States.

Re-entry testing was a major cause for concern as well as expense for American travelers hoping to travel abroad — and the continuing requirement was hurting the airlines, cruises and travel industry in general.

Several surveys indicated that Americans booking travel in Europe was slowed due to the re-entry testing requirement. Americans feared catching Covid overseas would result in quarantines and expensive travel delays.

Major travel industry representatives including airlines and the cruise industry have been lobbying for a couple of months for the removal of re-entry COVID-19 testing, referring to recent scientific studies and data to justify a change in policy. The CDC is not actually issuing a change in policy but instead is allowing the current order to expire on June 12th but has also indicated that it will reassess this decision in 90 days in case a new variant of the virus surfaces or any other concerning changes occur.

With this change a number of travel companies have announced they will be reducing requirements for Covid testing .

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