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Cruising Into Fall Foliage

This Weeks Cruise Deals And Featured Itineraries

Fantastic Cruising In New England And The Maritimes In The Autumn

Fall is a great time to travel and take in the changing leaves and what a great time to take a cruise. Just as winter draws vacationers and cruise ships into the Caribbean, autumn in the Northeast finds a large offering of cruise itineraries.

From ports like New York and Boston itineraries often include Bar Harbor, Portland, Old Quebec, Nova Scotia and cruising up the St. Lawrence Seaway while Mother Nature provides a backdrop of fall colors.

Take a few minutes and explore some of the popular listings below.

There are a lot of cruise booking sites but some are easier to navigate than others and we’re particularly fond of Cruise Specialists.

Please Note • Todays cruise industry is incredibly dynamic with new itineraries and special deals changing daily. With endless possibilities and ever changing offers it is nearly impossible to stay up-to-date. This series will regularly highlight new offerings we think you might find interesting. Most links here will take you to individual cruise line websites where you can search for specific cruise offers. We do not receive any discounts or commission from travel or cruise companies.

Explore Exotic And Amazing Ports of Call

From lost civilizations to some of the greatest natural wonders, cruises can help you explore the world in luxury. Explore your cruise options using these convenient links:

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