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High Tech Meets Traditional Accessory


I don’t usually do this. If I’m going to take the time to recommend something it usually is something that we make and sell or fits into a travel lifestyle article. In this case, I’m so impressed with this I just had to share.

It’s described as a –Mens 1.5 inch Military Tactical Belt– but don’t get put off by the name. It actually looks great and comes in a range of colors so you can match it to a number of outfits. There’s also no reason to call it a mans belt and it’s only $7.99!

I discovered this belt on Amazon while searching for a replacement black leather belt and at eight dollars I figured what’s there to lose. About the same time my wife bought me an expensive reversible “leather” belt because she figured out my old one was way past usable. Faced with two belts I made the right choice and started wearing my wife’s gift. Sadly that expensive leather belt started cracking and delaminating (leather?) three or four months later. Enter the military tactical belt.

Me and my favorite belt

It’s a web belt with a high quality polymer buckle attached. It has no holes and its tightness and length can be adjusted freely to meet different wearing requirements. The ratchet buckle design makes the belt non-slip, stay tight all day. After 8 months the webbing shows no signs of wear and hasn’t frayed at the end. The buckle is a dull textured surface and it also shows no sign of scratches or wear.

Do yourself a big favor and try this bargain belt. Available on Amazon HERE.

Disclaimer: We are Amazon Associates and should you buy this belt through them we stand to make a 20¢ commission, but it won’t have any impact on what you pay. It is also an Amazon Prime item so you may not have to pay any delivery charges.

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