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Travel And Staying Charged


I’m at it again. We’re leaving for England in a couple of weeks and I’m going through my cartons of travel gear. The first thing that struck me is the changing generations of items intended for specific jobs. When traveling internationally on extended trips the things that really matter are size and weight and looking at the more recent acquisitions it’s remarkable how much smaller they are.

It’s true – size does matter, but sometimes it’s smallness that counts. A couple of my newer additions include A Two Inch Square Power Cube and a set of Short Extension Cords.

My newest choice in a travel power cube measuring a compact 2″ x 2″ x 2.5″ and costs under $14.00. It features 3, 3 prong outlets and 3 USB ports with a 5V 3.0A shared rating.

One of travels little aggravations is power outlets that you can’t get to with your charging adaptor because its too big or the outlet is in an inconvenient location. Always take along a short extension cord and that problem is solved.

These 8” white extension cords come in a set 4 for just $8.95. Throwing one or two of these in your suitcase and you’ll wonder why you hadn’t done it before.

If you don’t already have a set of plug adaptors in your travel collection, you need to get a set sooner rather than later. They’re simply getting hard to find. With todays electronics being capable of adjusting to various currents automatically you really don’t need a more expensive power converter. They add weight and are more expensive. All that’s needed is a set of plug adaptors.

This is a European adaptor set that includes a 3 pack of European plug adapters that are are small, compact and lightweight and perfect for travel and less than $6.00.

If you need a full international set check out this set for under $10.00.

All of the above links will connect with and all of these items are Prime eligible.

Disclaimer: We are Amazon Associates and should you buy these items through them we stand to make a small commission, but it won’t have any impact on what you pay. They are also all Amazon Prime items so you may not have to pay any delivery charges.

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