Making Use Of Our Location Maps

Most of The Intentional Traveler’s destination articles provide custom created Google Maps showing the locations of major points of interest, public transportation with nearby destinations, cruise piers or tender docks and good shopping sites. We switched to this approach a year ago and have also been updating older posts.

Want to transfer these custom Google maps to your cell phone and bookmark them for your travels? It’s easy to do.

Here are step by step instructions on getting our maps on your cell:

  • Confirm that the map has our logo in the upper left corner and The Intentional Traveler under the map name.
  • Click the symbol in the upper right corner to open the map in a new browser window. Indicated by the graphic shown at right
  • Copy the new pages address from the Address Box.
  • Go to your email app and email the copied address to yourself.
  • Open the email in your phones email app and click the address. Because this uses a google address it should work on most cell phone operating systems and in most phone browsers.
  • If you have the Google Map App in your cellphone it will open this address using the app. The Google Map App is specifically designed for cell phones while a browser may have issues after opening the map address.
  • This should open the map in your phone and will usually allow you to add it as bookmark and still find your current location on the map.

For iPhone users Google Map App is still an option. There is a Google maps app available for iPhones and clicking the address in your mail should open the app if you have it and load the map there.

From the app and our map in your phone you can now select a destination and ask it to show walking directions. Use it to get real-time GPS location, traffic, and transit info, locate public restrooms, also find more information on businesses, from grocery stores to pharmacies along with our custom identified places of interest. Happy exploring…

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