Cruise Life Magazine Vol. 3 No. I

In This Issue February 2023 How To Save In Booking A Cruise Getting the best deal on booking a cruise is a process very much like getting the best airfare. Like all businesses, cruise lines want to get the most for every cabin and, like the airlines at the moment of departure, anything unsold hasContinue reading “Cruise Life Magazine Vol. 3 No. I”

Cruise Life Magazine Vol. 2 No. 11

In This Issue All About The Business Of Cruising Globally the cruise business looks to be rapidly recovering from the economic disaster of Covid. Before the pandemic an estimated 15 million people took cruises each year on 23 ocean cruise lines whose businesses saw regular growth year over year. Business analysts saw no reason whyContinue reading “Cruise Life Magazine Vol. 2 No. 11”

Cruise Life Magazine Vol. 2 No. 10

The Acropolis, Athens And Its Port City In This Issue Ancient Athens, Democracies Birthplace Rising up out of the center of Athens, Greece is the Acropolis. It sits atop a rock formation that rises 490 ft above the sea with a semi-flat surface that covers an area of about 7.4 acres. Considering its size it’sContinue reading “Cruise Life Magazine Vol. 2 No. 10”

The Intentional Traveler Magazine Vol. 2 No. 9

September 2022 In This Issue Keeping Safe When Flying Beating Jet Lag Best And Worst Airports For Making Connecting Flights Options To Sped Up Getting Through U.S. Immigration Keeping Safe While Flying Note: In the times of the Covid pandemic there is actually a bit of good news for air travelers. First, people are muchContinue reading “The Intentional Traveler Magazine Vol. 2 No. 9”

Travel Magazine Vol. 2 No. 7

In This Issue Using Credit Cards When Traveling Debit Cards And Travel Finding Bathrooms July 2022 Travel Tips Converting Cash And Using Credit Cards Plastic money is now one of life’s major conveniences but when traveling internationally there are a number of places where you need to know what to avoid to prevent getting rippedContinue reading “Travel Magazine Vol. 2 No. 7”

Travel Magazine Vol. 2 No. 5

In This Issue Visiting Iguazú Falls Mendenhall Glacier Hiking Cruising Antarctica May 2022 Visiting Iguazú Falls We believe that Iguazú Falls is one of the major natural wonders of the world and if you have plans that take you to the east coast of South America they are an experience not to be missed. TheContinue reading “Travel Magazine Vol. 2 No. 5”

Cruise Life Magazine Vol. 2 No. 3

In This Issue – All About Cruise Loyalty Programs What They Are How To Join Their Major Benefits Loyalty Programs • An Introduction If your future plans include more then an occasional cruise, you might want to consider focusing your future cruising on one or two particular cruise lines. Cruise loyalty programs offer a numberContinue reading “Cruise Life Magazine Vol. 2 No. 3”

Travel Magazine Vol. 2 No. 4

Spotlight On Virginia In This Issue Hiking On Virginia’s Blue Ridge Parkway Visiting Historic Williamsburg, Virginia Jamestown, Virginia – Where America Was Born Peaks Of Otter Hiking Trails On The Blue Ridge Parkway One of the first developed tourist centers on the Blue Ridge Parkway was The Peaks of Otter and it dates back toContinue reading “Travel Magazine Vol. 2 No. 4”

Cruise Life Magazine Vol. 2 No. 3

In This Issue (With A Nod To Ireland) March 2022 The HMS Titanic Blarney Castle Pub Hopping in Dublin Dublin Gardens A Legend That Lives On and On… In the annals of travel there have been a number of great tragedies including the Hindenburg disaster, the air disaster at Tenerife, the Vegas hotel fire, TheContinue reading “Cruise Life Magazine Vol. 2 No. 3”