Paris Metro – An Updated Tourists Guide

Seeing Paris On The Cheap Fast approaching is another travel season and hopefully this Summer will be better than last. Of the world’s great destinations Paris is a true stand out and for good reason. If Paris is on your list here is a way to see the city and save some time and moneyContinue reading “Paris Metro – An Updated Tourists Guide”

Paris From The Seine

Cruising through Paris on the river is one of the most enchanting ways to experience this incredible city with its historic architecture, famous monuments and remarkable beauty. Most visitors to Paris will want to add a cruise on the River Seine to their plans and there are a number to pick from. Champagne sunset cruises,Continue reading “Paris From The Seine”

Paris Nights

Photographic impressions from our travels near and far… ‚ÄúParis is always a good idea.‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Audrey Hepburn, especially at night.  If you’ve seen movies like An American in Paris and Midnight in Paris you’ve gotten a glimpse of the magic of Paris after the Sun goes down. From cabarets and cafes to enchanting walks along the Seine or strollsContinue reading “Paris Nights”

Bastille Day In Paris

A Short Story An Unexpected Bastille Day Opportunity We had been traveling through southern France for a week and intended to finish with a few days in Paris since that was where we would catch our flight home. When we planned this trip we hadn’t realized that July 14th was Bastille Day. When we learnedContinue reading “Bastille Day In Paris”

Little Pieces of Paris #1

Statue of Sainte-Genevi√®ve by Landowski A Short Story Located just upstream from Notre-Dame there is a bridge made notable by a tall, elegant statue at its’ southern end. Examining a map, the bridge is identified as the Pont de la Tournelle and it is just another example of the shear number of remarkable sites inContinue reading “Little Pieces of Paris #1”

Pledging Undying Love with Love Locks

Love Locks – A Statement of Love or Vandalism? A SHORT STORY We were never aware of love locks before about fifteen years ago but recently as we travel we often come across collections of padlocks attached to bridges and other public structures. It wasn’t difficult to figure out what was going on by allContinue reading “Pledging Undying Love with Love Locks”

Visiting Normandy & Remembering D-Day

  The Beaches of Normandy, France The¬†Normandy landings¬†were the¬†landing operations¬†and associated airborne operations of 6 June 1944. The Allied¬†invasion of Normandy¬†in¬†Operation Overlord¬†often referred to as¬†D-Day was the largest seaborne invasion in world history. The operation began the¬†liberation of France¬†along with western Europe. Should your travel plans bring you to the western coast of France orContinue reading “Visiting Normandy & Remembering D-Day”

Cruise Life Magazine Vol. 1 No. 7

Tips To Get More From Your Cruise Booking your dream cruise vacation takes some planning. We have some tips that can help insure you get the best value and avoid some common problems. Things like when to book an inside cabin, comparing price options and making the most of the day you sail. In ThisContinue reading “Cruise Life Magazine Vol. 1 No. 7”

Budapest And An Elegant Evening At McDonalds

In Praise of McDonalds Our first visit to Budapest was an incredible experience. It was much more than we had expected and before we went some friends advised us to be sure and visit the McDonalds at the city’s central station. A quick internet search describes it as a destination worth visiting. What American couldContinue reading “Budapest And An Elegant Evening At McDonalds”

A Comprehensive Guide To Major Cruise Ships A Listing Of Most Cruise Ships In Service Today As the travel industry entered the twenty-first century an amazing thing happened. The popularity of cruising was growing rapidly and cruise line companies reacted by launching a whole new generation of mega-ships. To attract passengers they added amusement parks,Continue reading