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We are a retired couple that have been traveling the U.S. and the world for the past fifteen years. We, like many of our fellow travelers, have limited resources and recognize that if we aren’t frugal it could curtail some of our wanderings. We enjoy visiting places and staying for a while but are also very fond of cruising. Together, as a couple, we have visited over eighty-five locations on the Century Club list and are hoping to make it to one hundred over the next few years.

We started this Travel Blog to chronicle our trips and share our experiences with family and friends. Our hope is that others will find some value in what we are doing and to that end have included information about getting the most out of destinations and travel.

We have added a lot of links wherever possible that are related to each post that will take you to good additional sites, including maps, other information and booking options focused on each topic or destination. Most underlined text represent a link and all you need to access them is click.

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