Hi, We’re Judi & Dennis

And We’re Travel Addicts

If you’re looking for a 12 step program, this isn’t it. They’ve said that admitting your addiction is the first step toward recovery but in our case that hasn’t worked out. In truth we actually celebrate this addiction.

A Little Bit About Us Or Better Still Some Of Our Favorite Places:

For over forty years we’ve shared our travel addiction as we traveled the U.S. and the world. I think our kids have also been infected with the travel bug. Our oldest son had a passport when he was six weeks old and learned to walk in St. Thomas USVI. Before we retired our business serviced accounts throughout the Caribbean with us making frequent trips each year. Through our business we made a lot of friends in the islands and still find time to visit regularly. In retirement we, like many of our fellow travelers, have limited resources and recognize that if we aren’t frugal it could curtail some of our wanderings. So we now have a focus on public transportation, economy travel and accommodations and you will see that reflected in this website.

STILL WITH US? We’re an American couple that are now retired and have visited over eighty-five countries on the Century Club list and are hoping to make it to one hundred over the next few years. With Dennis it started when he went to Europe after graduating high school and the addiction just continued to get worse after that. Judi caught the travel bug after college when she joined the international division of a corporation and was sent off to visit dealers. It’s hard to recover after that. Once we met we realized that the only thing better than a serious case of wanderlust is two bad cases shared.


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