Laundry: A Problem With a Solution

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A Travelon Inflatable Hanger and Woolite Travel Packets

Having enough clean clothes while traveling can be a problem. If you’re on a ship, laundry services can be pretty costly although “frequent cruisers” on some lines get free or reduced pricing on a limited amount of laundry. If you’re traveling on your own, you may be able to get laundry services at your hotel but that also comes at a premium price. The other alternative is to find a laundromat (more common in the US then overseas) and spend a few hours washing, drying and folding.

A better solution is to travel with clothes that wash and dry quickly. There are any number of brands on the market that are lightweight and can be washed in a sink and then hung to dry in the bathtub/shower. The advantage here is that these clothes take up less room in your suitcase, generally wrinkle little or not at all and, because they can be quickly washed, you can pack fewer items.

Three great products to help you handle your own laundry are a universal sink stopper, travel size packs of detergent and an inflatable hanger. The sink stopper is necessary when you end up with a sink that doesn’t have a good stopper. The travel size detergent packs take up little space and, because they are single use, they can be disposed of as you use them. The travel hanger takes almost no space and can be blown up when needed and then deflated when it’s time to move on.

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