Destination Australia & New Zealand

The wonders of Down Under are ready to explore on a growing number of cruise itineraries. With Sydney being the most popular departure port with cruises circling Australia while others add ports in New Zealand to the itinerary. Visit the Sydney Opera House, enjoy the wineries of Marlborough or take a train to Australia’s BlueContinue reading “Destination Australia & New Zealand”

Out Of Service In Alaska

A rusting hulk of a steam engine sits alongside the tracks of the Yukon and White Pass Railroad in Skagway, Alaska. It once carried supplies and men into the Yukon looking for their fortunes in the Canadian gold fields. Abandoned almost 70 years ago it’s too heavy and too remote to salvage, so it justContinue reading “Out Of Service In Alaska”

Coastal Alaska And Cruise Season

Looking out into Sitka Sound from the city of Sitka, Alaska you’ll usually find a number of cruise ships at anchor sending and visitors ashore. In the above image are a Silver Seas and a Hurtigruten Expeditions ship at anchor. Now with the opening of a new cruise ship pier just five miles out ofContinue reading “Coastal Alaska And Cruise Season”

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Port of Call Kota Kinabalu Located on the northern part of the island of Borneo on the South China Sea. Borneo is home to large expanses of tropical jungles that are the last refuge of orangutans and pigmy elephants. Indiscriminate logging has greatly impacted the environment but international attention from organizations that work to protectContinue reading “Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia”

A Lonely Lighthouse In Alaska

When cruising Alaska in May often the weather can be cold and wet and 2023 is living up to that promise. Traveling south from Seward we passed an isolated lighthouse sitting under an ominous sky. Another picture I couldn’t pass up. Join us as we visit historic treasures, natural wonders and vibrant cities set againstContinue reading “A Lonely Lighthouse In Alaska”

A Photo Tour Of Machu Picchu

We’ve been searching for the words to describe the experience of being at Machu Picchu and we haven’t come up with anything adequate. The place overwhelmed us and trying to find a logical explanation of how it was built without the wheel or beasts of burden or steel tools left us stumped. The only thingContinue reading “A Photo Tour Of Machu Picchu”

Maybe Wireless Is The Solution

This is typical street wiring in Saigon, Vietnam (a few prefer to call it by its official name, Ho Chi Minh City) but you’ll see this sight throughout Southeast Asia. It also isn’t unusual to see two or three technicians hudled in front of a junction box with the door open and a similar tangleContinue reading “Maybe Wireless Is The Solution”

Destination South America

From Cartagena, Columbia to Ushuaia, Argentina the South American continent is an amazing land of natural wonders and human accomplishments. Explore the islands of the Galapagos or hike around Iguazu Falls, climb up to Machu Picchu or cruise through the Panama Canal. You can even cast off for a trip to Antarctica or walk amongContinue reading “Destination South America”

A Walking Tour Of Lisbon

Looking for a great way to tour Lisbon for free? Consider a walking tour of Lisbon. This popular free tour takes a journey through the most iconic spots in the Portuguese capital, immersing you in the past and the present of the city. You can book right up to the start time, as long asContinue reading “A Walking Tour Of Lisbon”