A World Of Abandoned And Derelict Boats

A SHORT STORY Throw Away Boats   If you travel a lot, especially if you are a cruise enthusiast, you will on occasion come across ship and boat wrecks either grounded or in shallow water. They seem to garner more attention than wrecks on land. Maybe there is something more intriguing or romantic about shipContinue reading “A World Of Abandoned And Derelict Boats”

Todays Featured Poster • Ushuaia

The Beagle Lighthouse. This lighthouse stands on a rock in the Beagle Channel, Tierra del Fuego only a few miles from Ushuaia, Argentina. Ushuaia is one of the world’s most southern cities and a major seaport servicing expedition boats, cruise ships and working boats bound for Antarctica. These giclée prints are available in several sizesContinue reading “Todays Featured Poster • Ushuaia”

Hiking In Tierra del Fuego

Trails in Tierra Del Fuego National Park, Argentina To The Ends Of The Earth The Pan American Highway begins in Alaska and with only a small break in southern Panama goes all the way to the end of the Earth in southern Argentina. In Argentina the Pan American Highway continues on Argentina National Route 7Continue reading “Hiking In Tierra del Fuego”

Fireworks On Bastille Day In Paris

A Short Story Traveling And An Unexpected Bastille Day We had been traveling through southern France for a week and intended to finish with a few days in Paris since that was where we would catch our flight home. When we planned this trip we hadn’t realized that July 14th was Bastille Day. When weContinue reading “Fireworks On Bastille Day In Paris”

Todays Featured Poster • Iguazu Falls Argentina

Considered by many to be one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, Iguazu Falls is now gaining interest as a travel destination. It’s located up in the South American rain forest on the Argentina, Brazil border. Both countries have created national parks to protect this amazing area. These giclée prints will soon beContinue reading “Todays Featured Poster • Iguazu Falls Argentina”

A Georgia Train Ride and Habitat For Humanity

Take a fantastic day excursion or plan a whole weekend, this train journey starts in Cordele, Georgia just west of Interstate 75. Ride in a 1949 vintage air-conditioned car, and explore a mix of romantic yesteryear and today’s new South. Thetrain is called the SAM Shortline and it stops in a number of small townsContinue reading “A Georgia Train Ride and Habitat For Humanity”

A Classic Baroque Garden In Prague

If you have the opportunity to spend a few days seeing Prague make sure you put the Vrtba Garden on your list of places to visit. The gardens are terraced up a hillside on the west side of the river and is part of the Vrtba palace and provide some spectacular views of the city.Continue reading “A Classic Baroque Garden In Prague”

Cruise Life Magazine Vol. 2 No. 10

The Acropolis, Athens And Its Port City In This Issue Ancient Athens, Democracies Birthplace Rising up out of the center of Athens, Greece is the Acropolis. It sits atop a rock formation that rises 490 ft above the sea with a semi-flat surface that covers an area of about 7.4 acres. Considering its size it’sContinue reading “Cruise Life Magazine Vol. 2 No. 10”

Yellowstone And An Organized Land Tour

We spent a couple of years trying to plan a trip to Yellowstone. One of our primary goals was to spend some time at The Old Faithful Lodge. It turned out that getting reservations at the lodge are a very difficult thing to do. It is almost impossible to book directly with the lodge, asContinue reading “Yellowstone And An Organized Land Tour”

A Travel Medicine Cabinet

“Plan for the worst, hope for the best.” If you travel there is always going to come a time when you catch something. If you travel much internationally you are going to encounter times when buying over the counter meds in a foreign country can be a challenge and there are occasions when they’re justContinue reading “A Travel Medicine Cabinet”