Talking About Photography • Camera Controls

Exercising More Control When Taking Photographs When a photographer approaches a scene intending to take a picture he looks for what composition he can include in the frame and what the lighting will bring to enhancing the image. Those actions can best be seen as finding the image and capturing it, but there is moreContinue reading “Talking About Photography • Camera Controls”

Broad River Inn Chimney Rock, NC

Not long ago we planned a trip thru the Blue Ridge and Smokey mountains of North Carolina and made reservations for a couple of days at the Broad River Inn Chimney Rock. Chimney Rock and nearby Lake Lure are somewhat isolated and have virtually no major chain hotels, so you have to pick from small localContinue reading “Broad River Inn Chimney Rock, NC”

More Talking About Photography

I’ve spent much of my life behind a camera. Maybe it started in 1961 when my Father couldn’t seem to get good pictures out of his first 35mm camera and in frustration he gave it to me. It didn’t take long before I was developing my own film and making prints in an improvised darkroom.Continue reading “More Talking About Photography”