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Travel And Staying Healthy

Healthy Travel Part I Flying & Cruising Flying There’s a love-hate side to travel. Being there is great but getting there not so much. Long distance flights are usually no fun at all, especially if you are like us and fly coach. With a price difference on international flights as high as ten times we […]

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North To Alaska

Discover a place where wilderness reigns and abundant natural beauty is found at every turn. Come and explore the sights and culture of the 49th state on coastal cruises, visits to glaciers, the wonder of the northern lights, and Alaska Native cultural centers. While cruising Alaska is the most popular way to experience America’s largest […]

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A Growing Concern In Barcelona

An Occassion For A Deep Dive Into Graffiti We have visited Barcelona a number of times over the past few years and love this city. We have been watching the reports on the Free Catalonia movement and the harsh reaction of the central Spanish government and have been concerned. This last visit revealed what we […]

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A New Age In Travel Wear

Selecting the Right Travel Clothes This is a great age for travelers with an incredible selection of clothes engineered for performance and comfort. Most of our travel collection features clothes made with these wonder fabrics. T’s and polos that keep us cool and wash out easy, along with long sleeve undershirts for colder weather. Nylon […]


Cruises To The Arctic & Northern Lights

Cruising around the Arctic Circle is an opportunity to experience amazing wildlife, stark scenery and the incredible spectacle of the Northern Lights. Each year more and more cruise itineraries are added to meet the growing demand for more exotic adventures. Explore your options using the cruise company links below. Viking Ocean Cruise Arctic Viking takes […]

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More Visiting Gardens

Everyone loves gardens. We’re talking about flowers and trees and ornamental bushes. No matter where you travel there are always gardens to be explored and incredible gems to be discovered. It is difficult to spend time in a garden and not have your soul refreshed. “God Almighty first planted a garden. And indeed, it is […]

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Todays Poster, Prague Sunset

Prague in the Czech Republic is probably one of the most remarkable and overlooked cities in Europe. This city has much to offer from historic Old Town, a vibrant art scene and a lively night life. These giclée prints will soon be available in several sizes, custom printed for each order on archival paper using […]

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Todays Featured Poster Iguazu Falls

A couple of hundred miles WNW into the rain forest from Buenos Aries is one of the worlds natural wonders. The Iguazu River, near the place where Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil touch, drops over the edge of a fault line and plunges into a series of gorges and fault layers producing one of the world’s […]

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Posters Prints And Art

Decorating Accents That Celebrate A World Of Travel Experiences Revisit those amazing places and remembered adventures by adding travel print accents to your rooms decorating ideas. The joy of travel is the inspiration behind The Intentional Traveler’s collection. Treat yourself to our inspiring travel images… A World Of Amazing Sights Subtle, iconic, stunning locations from […]

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The Needles On The Isle Of Wight

The Isle Of Wight Is A Popular Holiday Destination For The English Almost any reference to the Isle of Wight includes the iconic Needles and the famous chairlift taking you up to view the Needles Rocks and the colored sands in the cliffs behind the beach. The famous landmark has much more than just beautiful […]