Electronics For Traveling

Keep track of your stuff Digital Trackers – If you are seriously concerned about the prospect of having your backpack, suitcase or purse snatched there are additional aids you can consider. The are a number of international tracking devices that operate very similar to the “find my phone” cellphone feature. One is called Tracki andContinue reading “Electronics For Traveling”

Port of Call Livorno, Italy

A beautiful city on its own but better know as the gateway city to Pisa and Florence. Livorno is a great cruise seaport to visit. If you are staying longer in Livorno take the opportunity to visit the inland medieval towns to the south of the city like Bolgheri, Castagneto Carducci and Suvereto which canContinue reading “Port of Call Livorno, Italy”

The CDC and Cruising

ATTENTION CRUISERS If you, like us, are frequent cruises, this is perhaps an opportunity. The CDC is requesting comments from the public on their lifting of the “do not sail” order on the cruise industry at the end of this coming September. If you would like to comment the link is HERE To better understandContinue reading “The CDC and Cruising”


Get More, Don’t Pay More Why Use A Travel Agent? If you weren’t aware, using a travel agent for booking trips involves no additional cost to you. Travel agents are compensated strictly by commission and their booking charges are exactly the same as if you had booked through an online travel site or directly withContinue reading “USING A TRAVEL AGENT”