Our New Look – Step One

We’re updating our look and this is our newest landing page. We’d love to get your feedback, What do you think? OUR STORY We’re Judi & Dennis, a retired American couple that traveled the world for years with our business. In retirement we can’t seem to shake that wanderlust and are fortunate enough to beContinue reading “Our New Look – Step One”

Needful Travel Things

We’ve been dedicated travelers for several decades. Our trips average about thirty days each and we’re gone about four months out of each year. While Covid slowed us down a bit we’re getting back to it again and we’re dusting off our travel essentials. When we travel our basic packing includes two carry-on sized suitcases,Continue reading “Needful Travel Things”

On Blogging Part 6 – The Delusion

Maybe it’s time to face reality… This site has been my hobby (TheIntentionalTraveler.com at Intend2Travel.info). I was a photographer, an engineer and a business owner with a fair amount of success in each. For the past decade I’ve been retired, and now in my seventies I live to travel. Six continents, over 80 countries andContinue reading “On Blogging Part 6 – The Delusion”

Praise For A Bar Of Soap And More

It’s funny how things can relate to places and using them brings back fond memories. We discovered an incredible pepper sauce in Belize that we now can’t live without and every time we get the bottle out we think about meeting the woman making that sauce. Likewise with spices like paprika from Hungary and jerkContinue reading “Praise For A Bar Of Soap And More”

The Perfect Sample Cruise

Haven’t tried cruising? Want a sample before you dive in completely? Not sure if you’re going to like cruising? Maybe a spouse wants to try cruising but you think it’s too big a financial commitment? Perhaps someone is prone to getting seasick and are afraid of the risk? Here’s the perfect answer, take a sampleContinue reading “The Perfect Sample Cruise”

For The Classic Spooky Story Start With A Castle

Numerous legendary ghost and monster stories have been associated with the castles of Europe so to celebrate Halloween here are a few. Bran Castle, Romania And A Vampire Celebrated as Dracula’s Castle, Bran Castle is linked to the historical person who inspired Bram Stoker to write the novel Dracula. A regional ruler Vlad III Dracula,Continue reading “For The Classic Spooky Story Start With A Castle”

The Balkans – It’s Complicated

We spent a couple of weeks last fall in the Balkans and it was very informative considering what little we really knew about this region. To say the Balkans are complicated doesn’t even begin to describe what goes on there. We had a young woman (mid 30’s) who was our tour guide recently. She explainedContinue reading “The Balkans – It’s Complicated”

OUR STORY We’re a retired American couple that traveled the world for years with our business. In retirement we can’t seem to shake that wanderlust and are now free to travel wherever we want. We’ve also become avid cruise enthusiasts, we love hiking and have now visited over eighty countries, hundreds of cities and haveContinue reading

On Blogging – Part 4

Are We Inside An Echo Chamber? A Story About Changing Times (A Little Bit Of History) It’s hard to believe but we’ve been on the internet for almost twenty years. Our youngest son was still in high school and he created a web site to list our companies products. The amazing thing is that atContinue reading “On Blogging – Part 4”