Shipwrecks, Abandoned And Derelict Boats

Thrown Away Boats   If you travel a lot, especially if you are a cruise enthusiast, you will on occasion come across ship and boat wrecks either grounded or in shallow water. They seem to garner more attention than wrecked and abandoned cars on land. Maybe there is something more intriguing or romantic about shipContinue reading “Shipwrecks, Abandoned And Derelict Boats”

Stanley, The Falkland Islands, A Port Of Call

Stanley the Capital of the Falkland Islands If you’re making a port call in The Falklands chances are you’re going to get to see penguins. The islands are described as “one of the world’s great penguin capitals”. In fact, it’s believed that an estimated one million penguins arrive there every summer to breed. Growing inContinue reading “Stanley, The Falkland Islands, A Port Of Call”

Our Updated Guide To Over 100 Cruise Ports

We’ve finally completed a full update of over 100 ports of call featuring information on where ships dock, public transportation, important attractions and tips for getting the most out of your day ashore. It’s taken over a month but everything’s back on line. The next project is to provide downloadable and printable sheets on eachContinue reading “Our Updated Guide To Over 100 Cruise Ports”

Cruise Life Magazine Vol. 3 No. I

In This Issue February 2023 How To Save In Booking A Cruise Getting the best deal on booking a cruise is a process very much like getting the best airfare. Like all businesses, cruise lines want to get the most for every cabin and, like the airlines at the moment of departure, anything unsold hasContinue reading “Cruise Life Magazine Vol. 3 No. I”

Packing Medications For Travel

Carrying Medications and Being Prepared One of our travel essentials often is a ready made pack from Rescue Essentials, a Medications Unit Dose Pack available on Amazon HERE. The pack is only 5.91 x 3.78 x 0.91 inches; 1.13 ounces with individually marked foil packets. Each ziplock bag contains: 12 Ibuprofen (NSAID) – 200 mgContinue reading “Packing Medications For Travel”

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

The season isn’t only just about Christmas. It’s about finding the spirit of good that resides in all of us, celebrating the joy of just being alive and sharing our experiences and good fortune with others. Judi and I wish you all happy holidays and may you find amazing travels in 2023 and beyond… “MayContinue reading “Merry Christmas & Happy New Year”

Cruise Port Vancouver, Canada

Gateway to Alaska cruising and a departure port for cruises to Hawaii this port has much to offer visitors. Cruising North To Alaska? Vancouver is a major embarkation port and a gateway for many of Alaska’s cruises. This port is a popular gateway to many of Alaska’s cruises. While it owes much of its popularityContinue reading “Cruise Port Vancouver, Canada”

Our New Look – Step One

We’re updating our look and this is our newest landing page. We’d love to get your feedback, What do you think? OUR STORY We’re Judi & Dennis, a retired American couple that traveled the world for years with our business. In retirement we can’t seem to shake that wanderlust and are fortunate enough to beContinue reading “Our New Look – Step One”

Needful Travel Things

We’ve been dedicated travelers for several decades. Our trips average about thirty days each and we’re gone about four months out of each year. While Covid slowed us down a bit we’re getting back to it again and we’re dusting off our travel essentials. When we travel our basic packing includes two carry-on sized suitcases,Continue reading “Needful Travel Things”