Of Ships, Itineraries And Interest

Itineraries, cruise ships, selecting staterooms, shore excursions, getting to your cruise, ideas on saving when booking a cruise and more… Selecting The Right Cruise Ship And Stateroom, Deciding On An Itinerary And Departure Port, Onboard Packages And Excursions? Let Us Offer Some Advice. β€’ Cruise Ships Rated β€’ Cruise Loyalty Programs β€’ Save Money WhenContinue reading “Of Ships, Itineraries And Interest”

Port of Stanley, The Falkland Islands

Stanley the Capital of the Falkland Islands Growing in popularity with cruise ships the Falklands are located over a thousand miles east of Argentina. The capital is Stanley which happens to be home to a majority of the three-thousand residents of the islands. The big attraction is the wild life with some of the worldsContinue reading “Port of Stanley, The Falkland Islands”

Piraeus, Greece the Port of Athens

General –  Piraeus is the seaport serving the city of Athens. This city is a major metropolis in its own right and the commercial area southeast of the port and near the sea has a number of excellent restaurants and attractions. While most passengers visiting this port for the first time will head out toward Athens andContinue reading “Piraeus, Greece the Port of Athens”

Booking Shore Excursions

Weighing Ships Shore Excursions Against Going It Alone Many people like the convenience of a ship sponsored tour, but we are just not β€œguided tour” enthusiasts, even as we’ve taken on a fair number of them. To begin with, there are some land tours that just make sense under some circumstances. First is where thereContinue reading “Booking Shore Excursions”


EXPLORE β€’ DREAM β€’ SHOP Disclaimer Regarding Shopping With Us: Most items in the Ships Store are provided with links to merchants selling these items online. We do not receive any compensation or commission for items that you buy unless noted in the listing. Our fashions and accessories are our own creations and we doContinue reading “WELCOME ABOARD CRUISE LIFE”

Maryland hikes: Maryland Heights via Harpers Ferry, March 20 2021 β€” travel 2 walk

We spent a fair amount of time around Harpers Ferry way back when. It is a great place for hiking and only a moderate ride out of the Washington D.C. area. Travel2Walk offers a great overview of the hiking in a recent post. Check it out below… My personal hiking preference are for the grandContinue reading “Maryland hikes: Maryland Heights via Harpers Ferry, March 20 2021 β€” travel 2 walk”


You Get More Without Paying More If you weren’t aware, using a travel agent for booking trips involves no additional cost to you. Travel agents are compensated strictly by commission and their booking charges are exactly the same as if you had booked through an online travel site or directly with the travel supplier (resort,Continue reading “Why Use A TRAVEL AGENT”

Ten Buddha Statues – A Gallery β€” journey-junkies.com

Some good photographs of Buddhas from traveling through Asia offered up by Journey Junkies. We have visited countless Buddhist temples during our travels through South East Asia, not to mention those in Nepal, India and Sri Lanka as well. The array of styles and character of the temples vary greatly depending on their era… ThisContinue reading “Ten Buddha Statues – A Gallery β€” journey-junkies.com”

Did NASA Fake Moon Photographs?

A Short Story Okay, this doesn’t have much to do with travel but I thought I’d tell it anyway. Short Answer β€’ Yes and No Back when I was a much younger man I worked in photographic science for a company that engineered specialized photographic equipment. I was a field engineer and dealt with systemsContinue reading “Did NASA Fake Moon Photographs?”