Get More, Don’t Pay More Why Use A Travel Agent? If you weren’t aware, using a travel agent for booking trips involves no additional cost to you. Travel agents are compensated strictly by commission and their booking charges are exactly the same as if you had booked through an online travel site or directly withContinue reading “USING A TRAVEL AGENT”

COVID-19 Coronavirus – What Does The Data Tell Us?

It seems I can’t help myself. Like you probably, COVID-19 controls my life and it makes my future difficult to plan. That’s a first for me and it worries me a lot… The policies and rules dictated by our government in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic are impacting all of us. Any approach we takeContinue reading “COVID-19 Coronavirus – What Does The Data Tell Us?”

Norwegian Cruise Line Announces Serious Financial Issue May 5, 2020

Breaking Travel News Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd., amended a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission this morning (Tuesday May 5th, 2020). The filing from the Miami-based company’s independent accounting firm states the company expects it will need additional financing to satisfy outstanding debt, and without funds coming in from its three cruise lineContinue reading “Norwegian Cruise Line Announces Serious Financial Issue May 5, 2020”

COVID-19 Corona Virus, How Did We Get Here?

How Unique Is COVID-19 And How Severe Was The Risk? Additional thoughts on the response to COVID-19 It’s beginning to appear that here in America, as well as many other countries, we have seriously overreacted to the corona virus. It seems that Sweden and Turkey, that took a different approach to the corona virus, areContinue reading “COVID-19 Corona Virus, How Did We Get Here?”


We are dedicated cruise enthusiasts and have made many friends among the cruise ship staffs over the years. Often when we board a ship to begin a cruise we spend a fair amount of time catching up with these friends. Conversations range from finding how recently they’ve been home, how their families are doing andContinue reading “THE CRUISE INDUSTRY AND DOING OUR PART”


American’s make decisions about how much risk they are willing to accept all the time. That’s life. Rock climbing, life vests while boating, automobile seat belts, getting immunizations, buying insurance, hang gliding, vaping. Some of us make bad decisions – that’s also life. The one thing that is really important is understanding how much riskContinue reading “COVID-19 USA GIGO”