Friday’s Foods From Around the World 3 — ThatTravelLadyInHerShoes

Love Tapas! Love Barcelona! Here “That Travel Lady In Her Shoes” takes us to a great Tapas Bar. We’re schedule to visit Barcelona this Fall (COVID-19 willing) and I know where we’re headed on the first day… Today, we are in Barcelona at the Catalana Tapas Bar……. Won’t you join me? We had expressed anContinue reading “Friday’s Foods From Around the World 3 — ThatTravelLadyInHerShoes”

Away with the Pharaohs — Travelrat’s Travels

Should have ticked off three on our bucket list in 2020 but it just wasn’t in the cards. Valley of the Kings is still to be explored but here the Travelrat’s Travels has a nice description of a boat trip up the Nile. Maybe soon… The afternoon Egyptian sun is hot.  A few people splashContinue reading “Away with the Pharaohs — Travelrat’s Travels”


You Get More Without Paying More If you weren’t aware, using a travel agent for booking trips involves no additional cost to you. Travel agents are compensated strictly by commission and their booking charges are exactly the same as if you had booked through an online travel site or directly with the travel supplier (resort,Continue reading “Why Use A TRAVEL AGENT”

Ten Buddha Statues – A Gallery —

Some good photographs of Buddhas from traveling through Asia offered up by Journey Junkies. We have visited countless Buddhist temples during our travels through South East Asia, not to mention those in Nepal, India and Sri Lanka as well. The array of styles and character of the temples vary greatly depending on their era… ThisContinue reading “Ten Buddha Statues – A Gallery —”

Spain’s Public Prosecutor Punishes the Pro-Independence Movement for Its Historic Results in the Last Elections — Josep Goded

Spain and specifically Barcelona is one of our favorite places in Europe and we have been very concerned about the political struggles underway there over the last few years. If you haven’t discovered him yet, let us introduce you to Josep Goded. He has been doing a remarkable job of sending dispatches from the heartContinue reading “Spain’s Public Prosecutor Punishes the Pro-Independence Movement for Its Historic Results in the Last Elections — Josep Goded”

Day 2. St. Michael’s Mount & Penzance — Love Travelling Blog

We’ve visited Mont-Saint-Michel on a trip through Normandy, France and never knew there was a similar site across The Channel in Cornwall. Little Miss traveller has an interesting post to show you around. After enjoying a hearty breakfast in our hotel, we hopped in the car for the 25 minute journey to Marazion on Cornwall’sContinue reading “Day 2. St. Michael’s Mount & Penzance — Love Travelling Blog”

Exploring the Colourful Culture of Merida, Mexico — Letters from Lou

A great tour of a great city. Hard to believe it’s a weekend visit. Dear Lord how we wish we could be back on the road. In the meantime spend some time exploring Merida, Mexico with Letters From Lou… A weekend in Merida (March 2020): markets, bars, orchestras, ball games, walking tours, food and LOTSContinue reading “Exploring the Colourful Culture of Merida, Mexico — Letters from Lou”

Did NASA Fake Moon Photographs?

A Short Story Okay, this doesn’t have much to do with travel but I thought I’d tell it anyway. Short Answer • Yes and No Back when I was a much younger man I worked in photographic science for a company that engineered specialized photographic equipment. I was a field engineer and dealt with systemsContinue reading “Did NASA Fake Moon Photographs?”

Barbados Holetown West Coast Style — Local Bajan

Our favorite Caribbean Island is Barbados and Local Bajan knows the island inside out. Thinking about a visit? Get to know Local Bajan before you go. Barbados Holetown is another town you wil… The post Barbados Holetown West Coast Style first appeared on Local Bajan. Barbados Holetown West Coast Style — Local Bajan