Port Of Call Hong Kong

Seeing Hong Kong In A Day On South China Sea cruises Hong Kong is a major port of call. While one day is not enough time to see much you can hit some of the major highlights. As you sail into Hong Kong your first impression of the city is one of rolling hills andContinue reading “Port Of Call Hong Kong”

Vietnam’s Port of Call Of Nha Trang

Nha Trang, Vietnams Beach Resort City Nha Trang is a major Vietnamese resort area famous for beautiful beaches and growing entertainment options. It is Vietnam’s most popular coastal town that has benefitted from its proximity to a number of great beaches. Directly across the water from downtown Nha Trang is Tre Island boasting an amusementContinue reading “Vietnam’s Port of Call Of Nha Trang”

Port of Call Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City, as it is officially called, is a sprawling city located on the delta of the Dong Nai River however even locals still call it by its original name, Saigon. With the rapid industrialization recently of Vietnam a number of port facilities have been built along the channels of the Dong NaiContinue reading “Port of Call Ho Chi Minh City”

Singapore’s MRT (Metro Rapid Transit)

One of the worlds truly great subway systems is the Singapore MRT and it is a solid innovator. Many of their systems are recognized and implemented worldwide. If you are lucky enough to get to Singapore for a visit you must use the MRT to get around the city. From the time you arrive atContinue reading “Singapore’s MRT (Metro Rapid Transit)”

Port of Call Brunei

One of Asia’s wealthiest countries with one of its highest standards of living Brunei is a beautiful place noted for its friendly people. Home to the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque, one of the world’s most beautiful. The Sultanate of Brunei Brunei, is an independent Islamic sultanate on the northern coast of the island ofContinue reading “Port of Call Brunei”

Port of Call Singapore

The port city of Singapore is likely what the future will look like. A world-class city that is modern, clean, safe and easy to get around in. You will be amazed by this place and you cannot say too much about the people, who are friendly, courteous and seem to live life with a dedicationContinue reading “Port of Call Singapore”

Đà Nẵng, Vietnam A Port of Call

Visiting Da Nang and nearby Hoi An Vietnam Downtown Da Nang is a modern cosmopolitan city, with an impressive skyline, major shopping options, parks, walking malls, and a beautiful beach. The Han River runs through the center of the city, and is crossed by four incredible bridges. The bridges offer an incredible light display ofContinue reading “Đà Nẵng, Vietnam A Port of Call”

Bangkok’s Cruise Port At Laem Chabang

Laem Chabang Cruise Gateway to Bangkok, Thailand Cruising in the South China Sea is becoming increasingly popular which normally includes one or two ports of call in Thailand. Thailand is one of the most advanced and open nations in Southeast Asia, and was once known as Siam. It is bordered by Myanmar (Burma) to theContinue reading “Bangkok’s Cruise Port At Laem Chabang”

A Unique Thai Market

A Short Story Visiting Thailand’s Maeklong Train Market Thailand is known for its “water markets” and they are a magnet for tourists as guides load visitors into boats and float them through these interesting markets. The floating water markets are really colorful with shops that sell everything from snakes to furniture with generous offerings ofContinue reading “A Unique Thai Market”

Experiencing Buddhism In Thailand

A Short Story Thailand is almost exclusively a Buddhist nation. It has been the religion of the country for centuries because it resonates with the spirit of the Thai people. “Thai” is a word that means freedom, and most people in Thailand treasure freedom, and Buddhism blends well with that spirit of the Thai people.Continue reading “Experiencing Buddhism In Thailand”