Emergency Travel Kits

We’re now getting back to traveling and we’re heading to Europe in just a few days, so it’s time to pull out our travel packs and take inventory. Our trips are usually from about two weeks to over a month and we always carry an emergency kit. Often the contents can seem trivial but experienceContinue reading “Emergency Travel Kits”

On Blogging 5, Internet Sales and A Concerns

I’m more and more concerned about where the internet is taking us as a culture and what the end game might look like? Travel is still my escape for about four months a year and probably what keeps me semi-sane. When I’m home I confess, I’ve become way to involved with the web. On anContinue reading “On Blogging 5, Internet Sales and A Concerns”

A Travel Medicine Cabinet

“Plan for the worst, hope for the best.” If you travel there is always going to come a time when you catch something. If you travel much internationally you are going to encounter times when buying over the counter meds in a foreign country can be a challenge and there are occasions when they’re justContinue reading “A Travel Medicine Cabinet”

Travel And Staying Healthy

Healthy Travel Part I Flying & Cruising Flying There’s a love-hate side to travel. Being there is great but getting there not so much. Long distance flights are usually no fun at all, especially if you are like us and fly coach. With a price difference on international flights as high as ten times weContinue reading “Travel And Staying Healthy”

Travel & Money, Money, Money

Converting Cash And Using Cards Plastic money is now one of life’s major conveniences but when traveling internationally there are a number of things to look for and do to prevent getting ripped off. Using Credit Cards Is Your Card Travel Friendly? – Before you travel check your credit card institutions policies on foreign currencyContinue reading “Travel & Money, Money, Money”

Don’t Become A Pack Horse While Traveling

What you need to pack when traveling is a topic that generates a lot of discussion and there are a number of extreme positions. Ever seen that couple at airport baggage check-in with seven or more suitcases? What’s in those suitcases? There’s also the person that comes to the international air terminal carrying only aContinue reading “Don’t Become A Pack Horse While Traveling”

All About International Hotel Rewards Programs

Like everything else, the hotel/hospitality industry has evolved over time in size and approach to marketing. They’ve grown from a handful of major names like Hilton and Holiday Inn, each with a reputation based on the market segment they try to serve, into mega-corporations. These newer brands feature large collections of brands ranging from economicalContinue reading “All About International Hotel Rewards Programs”

Cruise Loyalty Programs

Like airlines and hotels, cruise companies want you to be a frequent customer and they have developed a number of plans to entice you to keep coming back. With names like The Captain’s Club, Mariner Society and Latitude, they generally structure their programs so the more you come back the more status you attain onContinue reading “Cruise Loyalty Programs”

Avoid Alien Encounters While Traveling

There are all kinds of aliens out there. Alien hotel rooms, alien electric receptacles. It’s terrible being lost and disoriented in a strange hotel room or cruise cabin in the dark of night. It’s interesting to note that night lights aren’t a common part of American hotel rooms and traveling overseas – forget it. InContinue reading “Avoid Alien Encounters While Traveling”

The TSA Rules

The TSA is the United States Transportation Safety Administration and it is currently responsible for inspecting all passengers along with any items they intend to carry onto all commercial airliners taking off from U.S. Airports. TSA also operates inspections at some foriegn airports for flights coming to America. After our Sequined Top post we gotContinue reading “The TSA Rules”