TSA Security – Understanding The Rules

  After The Sequined Top post we got inquiries about more info on TSA rules. Be sure and check out Immigration FastPass too. The TSA is the United States Transportation Safety Administration and it is currently responsible for inspecting all passengers and items they intend to carry onto all commercial airliners taking off from U.S. Airports.Continue reading “TSA Security – Understanding The Rules”

Laundry While Traveling: A Few Tips

Travel Tips Having enough clean clothes while traveling can be a problem. If you’re traveling on your own, you may be able to get laundry services at your hotel but that also comes at a premium price and can take a day or two. The other alternative is to find a laundromat (more common inContinue reading “Laundry While Traveling: A Few Tips”

Best Hotel Rewards Programs

Like everything else, the American hotel industry has evolved over time in their size and approach to marketing. They’ve grown from a handful of major names, each with a reputation based on the market segment they were try to serve to mega-corporations comprising large collections of brands ranging from economical to deluxe accommodations. Many ofContinue reading “Best Hotel Rewards Programs”

A Sensational Way To Preserve Those Travel Memories – Travel Books

Thousands of pictures from hundreds of trips and things start getting mixed up. We’ve developed a plan to keep these memories straight and preserve the best of the photographs. Want to keep those travel photos where they will be safe and easy to access years from now? Have concerns about recollecting some details of thatContinue reading “A Sensational Way To Preserve Those Travel Memories – Travel Books”

U.S. Customs Duty Free Policy

How much can I bring back to the U.S. duty-free? There is a lot of confusion about bringing back purchases from foreign countries duty free, especially liquor and tobacco, what amounts and from where. The following is information directly from U.S. Customs: Duty-Free Exemption The duty-free exemption, also called the personal exemption, is the totalContinue reading “U.S. Customs Duty Free Policy”

More Packing Tips and Packing Gear

We spend a quarter to a third of our time traveling and we have become very skilled at picking what makes sense to carry and deciding what should be left behind. Size and weight matter a lot and multi-purpose items are golden. We’ve carefully selected these products for utility and value and those marked withContinue reading “More Packing Tips and Packing Gear”

Thoughts On Travel and Technology

Technology changes rapidly and equipment and services that worked well or were inexpensive yesterday may not be available or work the same way today. We consider our electronic devices essential travel gear but are always looking to find things that fit multiple needs or save space and weight. Following is a discussion of the currentContinue reading “Thoughts On Travel and Technology”

A FastPass Thru U.S. Immigration

A bit of an introduction to our adventures with Customs and Immigration. Before a few years ago, when returning to the United States, there weren’t a lot of choices, so we would fill out our custom form, pick a line (always the slowest moving) and wait for our turn with an agent. Rarely did thingsContinue reading “A FastPass Thru U.S. Immigration”

Sydney Australia and the Opal Card

Getting Around Sydney If you are planning a trip Down Under with some time in Sydney, you need to build your plans around their great public transportation. Like most large cities, buses are plentiful but Sydney also boasts a metro rail system and an express system called “Light Rail” that connects most major parts ofContinue reading “Sydney Australia and the Opal Card”