Getting Around Rome – Trains, Planes &…

A Guide To Rome’s Regional Transportation Options Getting Into Rome From The Airport Having often traveled between Rome, its airport, the cruise port of Civitavecchia and a number of cities in Italy we’ve made a few mistakes but have also had some fun traveling by train. Here is some basic information on travel centered onContinue reading “Getting Around Rome – Trains, Planes &…”

An Urgent Concern In International Travel

Traveling around the world there is one challenge that seems to regularly show up and that’s where to go? I don’t mean as in travel but really go. When at home it’s something we take for granted. Americans believe it is a public right and resent any effort to place a charge on access. ElsewhereContinue reading “An Urgent Concern In International Travel”

International Cell Phone Service 2022

Keeping up with options for cellular international calling requires constant attention to services and available plan options. U.S. based cell service is usually a costly option when traveling outside of America and, from experience, we’ve found it is often not the most reliable option*. Before you leave on a trip, contact your carrier to findContinue reading “International Cell Phone Service 2022”

Cruising And Cellular Telephone Service

While on a cruise most people would like to be able to stay in touch with family and friends back home by telephone or texting. But before you take that cruise it is really important to check with you cellular phone service concerning cruise ship roaming costs. Being forewarned can save you a small fortune.Continue reading “Cruising And Cellular Telephone Service”

Getting Around Sydney With The Opal Card

Public Transportation In Sydney Australia! If you are planning a trip Down Under with some time in Sydney, you need to build your plans around this cities great public transportation. Like most large cities, buses are plentiful but Sydney also boasts a metro rail system and an express system called “Light Rail” that connects mostContinue reading “Getting Around Sydney With The Opal Card”

Tips To Save When Booking a Cruise

Getting the best deal on booking a cruise is a process very much like getting the best airfare. Like all businesses, cruise lines want to get the most for every cabin and, like the airlines at the moment of departure, anything unsold has no future value. Economists call these items non-fungible, meaning they cannot beContinue reading “Tips To Save When Booking a Cruise”

Ideas To Beat Jet Lag

Dealing With Jet Lag In the last dozen or two years we have made a number of international trips. There have been times when we hardly experienced jet lag at all, but a few trips took days to recover. Our experience has taught us a few things including what causes the worst jet lag. ItContinue reading “Ideas To Beat Jet Lag”

Travel Shopping For Gifts And Souvenirs

International Travel And Bargain Opportunities Vanilla in Mexico, jade in Central America, salmon in Alaska, macadamia nuts in Hawaii, paprika in Hungary, these are just a few of the items that we look for when traveling. Taking advantage of these bargains while traveling provides an opportunity to bring home not just memories but really goodContinue reading “Travel Shopping For Gifts And Souvenirs”

Houseplant Care For Extended Traveling

If you have indoor houseplants, they require care when you are away and extended trips can take a toll on houseplants. Unlike cats and dogs, there is no kennel where you can take your houseplants and pay for someone to make sure they get the light and water they need. If you have good neighbors,Continue reading “Houseplant Care For Extended Traveling”

TSA – What You Need to Know

After The Sequined Top post we got requests for more detailed info on TSA rules. Also be sure and check out our Immigration FastPass too. The TSA is the United States Transportation Safety Administration and it is currently responsible for inspecting all passengers and items they intend to carry onto all commercial airliners taking off fromContinue reading “TSA – What You Need to Know”