Airline Baggage Fee Listings

DOMESTIC AIRLINE BAGGAGE FEES United Airlines Checked Bags 1 – $25 to $30, 2 – $35, 3+ – $150 Overweight Bags 1 – $100 to $200 Oversized Bags 1 – $200 Carry On 1 allowed – Free United Basic Economy Service- Full-sized carry-on bags are not permitted – You’re not allowed a full-sized carry-on bagContinue reading “Airline Baggage Fee Listings”

Airline Baggage Fees

Since publishing this article two years ago we have received a number of requests for an easy pdf version of our Baggage Fee chart that can be download.  You can now easily open and download a copy by clicking the link below.  Link To BAGGAGE FEES pdf To stay current, we try and update thisContinue reading “Airline Baggage Fees”

Save While Roaming Internationally

Cell Phone Services and International Roaming Over the years we have done a lot of searching for cell services that provide good international service without costing an arm and a leg. Our main service at home has been Verizon for a lot of years and we have used several international services for traveling out ofContinue reading “Save While Roaming Internationally”

Current Airline Baggage Fees

U.S. Airlines Baggage Fees on Domestic Flights UPDATED MAY 2019 Alaska Airlines Checked Bags 1 – $25 2 – $25 3+ – $75 Overweight Bags 1 – $75 Oversized Bags 1 – $75 Carry On 1 – Free American Airlines Checked Bags 1 – $25 2 – $35 3+ – $150 Overweight Bags 1 –Continue reading “Current Airline Baggage Fees”

Be Cautious While traveling

About a month ago some young people we know were traveling with an aunt in Italy and suffered a serious pickpocket event. The aunt was carrying a handbag while they were out sightseeing and later discovered that her wallet was stolen. Inside was cash, credit cards and train tickets. Fortunately she had left her passportContinue reading “Be Cautious While traveling”