Visiting Hubbard Glacier Alaska

Cruising Up To Hubbard Glacier Hubbard Glacier is truly a stunning natural wonder and something everyone should try and plan seeing when visiting Alaska. Hubbard Glacier is a glacier located in eastern Alaska and western Yukon. It’s 76 miles long, 7 miles wide at its front, and has a height of up to 600 feetContinue reading “Visiting Hubbard Glacier Alaska”

Cruise Line Character

Just as hotels come in a range of price points with individual character so do cruise lines and their ships. Some cruise companies focus on live music while others on popular destinations and still others try and attract families. Prices range from premium fares to reasonably economical, so if your considering your first cruise startContinue reading “Cruise Line Character”

A Movable Feast • Cruise Life

Food And Cruising From the beginning of the great steamship era to todays amazing floating resorts, one thing that has remained a major part of cruising is great food. Today most cruise ships typically offer a main dining room and some more than one, along with a buffet style venue serving breakfast, lunch and dinnerContinue reading “A Movable Feast • Cruise Life”

Cruising And Gratuities

Tipping And What You Can Expect On A Cruise If you’re new to cruising it’s important to calculate gratuities into your thinking when considering the cost of a cruise booking. At the time of booking you will usually be quoted the base fare along with port charges, fees and taxes but that’s not all yourContinue reading “Cruising And Gratuities”

A Guide To Cruise Loyalty Programs

Just like airlines and hotels, cruise companies want you to be a frequent customer and they have developed a number of plans to entice you to keep coming back. With names like The Captain’s Club, Mariner Society and Latitudes they generally structure their programs so the more you come back the more status you attainContinue reading “A Guide To Cruise Loyalty Programs”

Port of Call Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is a volcanic formed island in the Caribbean noted for its mountainous terrain and fantastic beaches and resorts. Castries is the countries main city and is located in the center of North St. Lucia. It is one of the more popular destinations along with Rodney Bay, which has some of the top SaintContinue reading “Port of Call Saint Lucia”

The Truth About Cruise Pricing

Everything You Need To Know About Cruise Pricing Anyone who travels much and has, on occasion, requested information from the internet or given their email address to a travel company knows about those ads in their inbox. Dozens of them claim things like: The First Truth – Those above statements are all a lie orContinue reading “The Truth About Cruise Pricing”

Welcome To Cruising

Considering Taking A Cruise? If you’re new to cruising or are just now considering your first cruise, we’d like to help you understand what’s involved in taking that cruise, the costs and ways to save.. Cruising may actually be one of the best values in travel today, especially when considering family vacation resort costs, meals,Continue reading “Welcome To Cruising”

Royal Caribbean’s Fleet of Ships

Royal Caribbean is famous for its family oriented programs onboard but there are plenty of other reasons why people select Royal Caribbean and come back time and time again. Some say it’s the food onboard, while others enjoy the onboard entertainment. Royal Caribbean has a large fleet that includes the largest cruise ships afloat. ItinerariesContinue reading “Royal Caribbean’s Fleet of Ships”

Taking Advantage Of Repositioning Cruises

In the early twentieth century most ocean liners were luxury transportation getting people from one part of the world to another. Trans-Atlantic cruises were the most common but there were routes covering the entire globe. Today cruise ships are a whole lot more than just transportation and they have cruising seasons around the world’s inContinue reading “Taking Advantage Of Repositioning Cruises”