Is It Safe To Cruise

Safer Than People Think and As For Us, We’re Going Cruising We are travel addicts on the road to recovery. Well, maybe not recovery but we’re on the road to somewhere. Considering what has just happened we are also in the middle of serious withdrawal and our only hope is another fix. Stuck at homeContinue reading “Is It Safe To Cruise”

COVID-19 Some Additional Observations

Friday, April 10, 2020 the CDC calls for all U.S. based cruise lines to suspend cruises through July 2020. As of today Celebrity is posting the following response. “We are aware of the CDC order and are studying how best to respond to its provisions. Our global sailings are currently suspended through May 11, 2020”.Continue reading “COVID-19 Some Additional Observations”

Save An Industry – Save A Lot Of Money

Save An Industry – Save A Way Of Life – Save A Lot Of Money When this COVID-19 pandemic is over, and it will be over, it will take some time for the travel industry to recover. The impacts of 9-11 and the 2008 recession lasted for a number of months (some data suggests overContinue reading “Save An Industry – Save A Lot Of Money”

Cruising • Rough Seas Ahead

An estimated 15 million people annually take cruises from 23 ocean cruise lines that have experienced business growth year over year. Analysts saw no reason why this trend wouldn’t continue and the primary marketing emphasis has been on luring new customers to cruising rather than taking away market share from other companies. In the firstContinue reading “Cruising • Rough Seas Ahead”

Coronavirus (COVID-19) An Index

Information on the coronavirus, cruising and staying safe and healthy. For a couple of weeks we’ve been doing research and posting information regarding this pandemic. This is an index to our current information. Keep up to date with our articles, join today. General information about the history and spread and response to the coronavirus. TravelingContinue reading “Coronavirus (COVID-19) An Index”

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cruising Update March 28th

Introduction Diamond Princess CDC Report The Zaandam Celebrity Eclipse The MV Artania The cruising industry has always been the focus of sensational reporting way back before the Titanic sank. Not sure why this is? The first in a series of disaster movies was the fictional story of the ocean liner Poseidon and the Titanic livesContinue reading “Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cruising Update March 28th”

Cruise And Travel Insurance In Light Of COVID-19

A Number Of New Articles Are Now Recommending “Cancel for Any Reason” Insurance The fact is most travel insurance policies only reimburse you for canceling your cruise under specifically identified conditions. Most of those involve medical issues with you or immediate family. Some policies also provide for work related emergencies. Based on our experience withContinue reading “Cruise And Travel Insurance In Light Of COVID-19”