Spain’s Public Prosecutor Punishes the Pro-Independence Movement for Its Historic Results in the Last Elections — Josep Goded

Spain and specifically Barcelona is one of our favorite places in Europe and we have been very concerned about the political struggles underway there over the last few years. If you haven’t discovered him yet, let us introduce you to Josep Goded. He has been doing a remarkable job of sending dispatches from the heartContinue reading “Spain’s Public Prosecutor Punishes the Pro-Independence Movement for Its Historic Results in the Last Elections — Josep Goded”

Sampling Tapas in Palma de Mallorca

While Barcelona may be the gastronomic heart of the Spanish Mediterranean don’t overlook the Balearic Islands, and Palma de Majorca. Nowhere in Spain is tapas practiced with more imagination and flare. In 18th-century Spain tapas were served at guest quarters, taverns and bodegas, that provided meals for travelers. Since few people could read or write,Continue reading “Sampling Tapas in Palma de Mallorca”

The Port of Palma de Mallorca

Mallorca is the largest of Spains Balearic Islands and a major vacation destination for many western and northern Europeans attracted to its beautiful beaches. Palma is an ancient port with architecture showing the influence of Christians and Moors in its castles, fortifications, cathedrals and in the winding streets of the old town. If you likeContinue reading “The Port of Palma de Mallorca”

The Port of Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the two largest cruise ports in the Mediterranean and is used as an embarkation port as well as a popular port of call. The city is a modern and historic place with a number of iconic neighborhoods and attractions. If you are cruising out of Barcelona do not miss the opportunityContinue reading “The Port of Barcelona”

Barcelona to Montserrat Mountain

A Day Trip From Barcelona If you are visiting Barcelona, Spain, we would recommend that you save a day for a trip to Montserrat. The mountain is home to great hiking trails, grand vistas along with a Basilica, monastery, convents, restaurants and two hotels. Spending time in Barcelona? Take a day trip to Montserrat Mountain.Continue reading “Barcelona to Montserrat Mountain”

The Land of El Cid and the Moors

The Alcazaba fortress of Málaga, Spain This fortress palace, whose name in Arabic means citadel, is one of the city’s principle historical sites and is not only beautiful but holds commanding views of the city and harbor.,. The Alcazaba dates from the Muslim period and is located at the foot of the Gibralfaro hill, crownedContinue reading “The Land of El Cid and the Moors”