Todays Featured Poster • Lisbon

Lisbon is located in western Portugal on the Tagus River. It is the westernmost capital city in continental Europe and is the country’s chief port, its largest city, and its political, and tourist center. Everything about Lisbon is to love. The lifestyle is laid back, the people friendly, the city is steeped in history andContinue reading “Todays Featured Poster • Lisbon”

Todays Featured Poster • Zion National Park

Located in Southwest Utah, Zion National Park is considered by many to have some of the most spectacular hiking trails in the lower 48. Hikes include some rated as strenuous requiring serious skills to scenic, paved trails for wheelchair bound visitors. It’s also home to the incredible “Narrows” with its water running through a narrowContinue reading “Todays Featured Poster • Zion National Park”

Todays Featured Poster • Christ of La Laguna, Tenerifi, Canary Islands

This crucifix has been in Tenerife, Canary Island’s since 1520. The Cristo de La Laguna (Christ of La Laguna in English) is a Catholic crucifix of great historical, artistic and cultural significance. It is one of the most revered Spanish religious sculptures and considered by many as the best European crucifix in terms of artisticContinue reading “Todays Featured Poster • Christ of La Laguna, Tenerifi, Canary Islands”

Hiking Around Sitka, Alaska

Sitka Features Some Of Alaskas Best Hiking Trails No other town in Alaska has as many hiking trails as Sitka. Great mountain hikes, nature walks, urban trails, history paths – Sitka is for hikers and was featured as one of America’s best towns for running trails in a recent issue of “Canadian Runner” magazine. IndianContinue reading “Hiking Around Sitka, Alaska”

Short Hikes In Skagway, Alaska

The Tongass (Tongas) National Forest, Alaska The Tongass (Tongas) National Forest in Alaska is the largest U.S. National Forest with 16.7 million acres (26,100 sq mi). Most of its area is temperate rain forest and remote from population centers. The Tongass, which is managed by the United States Forest Service, encompasses islands of the AlexanderContinue reading “Short Hikes In Skagway, Alaska”

Montserrat Mountain, Spain

An Easy Day Trip From Barcelona A short trip out of Barcelona, Spain is to the mountain of Montserrat. It is a mountain famous for rock climbing, great hiking trails, grand vistas and is a religious site with a Basilica, monastery, convents and a number of shrines. Getting To The Mountain From Barcelona From BarcelonaContinue reading “Montserrat Mountain, Spain”

Hiking In Tierra del Fuego

Trails in Tierra Del Fuego National Park, Argentina To The Ends Of The Earth The Pan American Highway begins in Alaska and with only a small break in southern Panama goes all the way to the end of the Earth in southern Argentina. In Argentina the Pan American Highway continues on Argentina National Route 7Continue reading “Hiking In Tierra del Fuego”

Hiking The Longleaf Trace In Mississippi

Beginning in Hattiesburg Mississippi it is one of the countries longest hiking and biking trails. Originating in downtown Hattiesburg it runs past the beautiful campus of the University of Southern Mississippi and on for almost 45 well maintained miles. The Longleaf Trace was completed as a Rails-to-Trails conservancy project in 2000, making use of aContinue reading “Hiking The Longleaf Trace In Mississippi”

Hiking The Blue Ridge Parkway Trails

A Trip Up The Blue Ridge Parkway The Blue Ridge Parkway is actually the most visited of all American National Parks. The Parkway extends 469 miles mostly along the crest of the Blue Ridge mountains through North Carolina and Virginia. It encompasses some of the oldest sites of both prehistoric and early European settlement in the country. Colonel Joseph HydeContinue reading “Hiking The Blue Ridge Parkway Trails”

Georgia’s Tallulah Gorge

Go Take A Hike Georgia’s amazing Tallulah Gorge, is a 1,000-foot deep canyon carved out of the North Georgia landscape. The town of Tallulah Falls was once a popular resort area that rivaled Niagra Falls. Located two hours northeast of Atlanta people from all over came to view the natural beauty of Tallulah Falls. TheContinue reading “Georgia’s Tallulah Gorge”