A Day On Montserrat Mountain Spain

An Easy Day Trip From Barcelona A short trip out of Barcelona, Spain is Montserrat. It is a mountain famous for rock climbing, great hiking trails, grand vistas and is a religious site with a Basilica, monastery, convents along with restaurants and two hotels. From Barcelona it is not difficult to plan a trip forContinue reading “A Day On Montserrat Mountain Spain”


Beginning in Hattiesburg Mississippi it is one of the countries longest hiking and biking trails. Originating in downtown Hattiesburg it runs past the beautiful campus of the University of Southern Mississippi and on for almost 45 well maintained miles. The Longleaf Trace was completed as a Rails-to-Trails conservancy project in 2000, making use of aContinue reading “HIKE THE LONGLEAF TRACE”

Red Bluffs Mississippi

Mississippi Odyssey Take A Hike or The Attraction That Could Be We’ve overlooked Mississippi. It always seemed that there were much more interesting or attractive places to visit and the truth is we focused much of our travel itineraries on international destinations. Our attention was initially drawn to Mississippi by a show on HGTV calledContinue reading “Red Bluffs Mississippi”

Traveling The Blue Ridge Parkway • Day 5

Fall Colors On The Parkway As Fall approaches the leaves of trees begin to go through a change as chlorophyll production slows and eventually stops. The old chlorophyll in the leaf begins to decompose, and when it’s all gone, the leaf’s underlying color is exposed. Nights becoming progressively cooler is one of the major triggersContinue reading “Traveling The Blue Ridge Parkway • Day 5”

Traveling The Blue Ridge Parkway • Day 4

Linville Falls North Carolina One of the highlights of traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway is spending time around Linville Falls. There are almost a dozen trails for hiking with many offering vantage points overlooking the various levels of the falls as the Linville River drops into the Linville Gorge. While most of the trails toContinue reading “Traveling The Blue Ridge Parkway • Day 4”

Hiking In Haleakalā National Park

Going to spend some time on Maui, Hawaii? Don’t miss spending some time hiking on Haleakalā. If you can fit it in, catch a sunrise from the peak (Sunsets are less spectacular as the volcano’s top is usually shrouded in clouds by evening). There are few places like this where you can drive from seaContinue reading “Hiking In Haleakalā National Park”

A Georgia Wine Roadtrip

An Update A while ago we spent a couple of weeks driving around the north Georgia mountains, doing some hiking and visiting wineries. Georgia wines are a pleasant surprise and deserve more attention. In general, their quality is good and the wineries are fun to visit. Having planned this trip for the spring but afterContinue reading “A Georgia Wine Roadtrip”