A Steam Railroad In France – Tournon Lamastre

Going Back In Time On a recent trip through France we spent time visiting the Tournon Lamastre Steam Railroad line which features open-air cars (in the warm months), beautiful old steam engines and fantastic scenery. About 125 miles north of the city of Avignon along the Rhône River in southern France is Doux Gorges, locatedContinue reading “A Steam Railroad In France – Tournon Lamastre”

France With The Geographical Cure

Planning a trip to France and need some destination inspiration? The Geographical Cure has put together some great advice. In this France travel guide, I describe 40+ of the best must see landmarks and monuments, for your bucket list or France itinerary. From the glitter and glitz of Versailles to ancient Roman ruins, you canContinue reading “France With The Geographical Cure”

Getting Around Amsterdam

Seeing Amsterdam On the Cheap A beautiful city for walking, with its canals, flower gardens, parks and historic sights. The city of Amsterdam is laid out like a fan with the Central Train Station being the base of the fan. The tram routes sort of radiate out through the city from the Central Train StationContinue reading “Getting Around Amsterdam”

Images Around Rome • Just Daydreaming

Photographic impressions from our travels… Rome, The Eternal City. By not traveling over the past year there’s a lot that we miss but especially we miss Rome. We feel there is no city anywhere that is as cosmopolitan or modern while still offering up thousands of years of history at almost every turn…

The Paris Metro – A Guide For Tourists

Seeing Paris On The Cheap Fast approaching is another travel season and hopefully this Summer will be better than last. Of the world’s great destinations Paris is a true stand out and for good reason. If Paris is on your list here is a way to see the city and save some time and moneyContinue reading “The Paris Metro – A Guide For Tourists”

The Piero Della Francesca Trail

This is more than a travel piece by someone who we can all learn a lot from. Leslie is someone you should follow. For decades, artists, historians, and admirers have happily trekked through verdant central Italy to stand in front of Piero’s in situ works and otherworldly creations. In this post The Geographical Cure providesContinue reading “The Piero Della Francesca Trail”

English Heritage Overseas Visitors Pass — Timeless Travel Steps

Hopefully things are moving toward normal. Regardless of what various governments are signaling, people seem to be developing ideas of their own regarding life and travel. If a trip around England is on your bucket list Timeless Travel Steps has some really good information in this recent post. English Heritage Overseas Visitors Pass. English HeritageContinue reading “English Heritage Overseas Visitors Pass — Timeless Travel Steps”

Images Around The Greek Islands

Photographic impressions from our travels… To the Southeast of the Greek mainland are the Greek islands of the Aegean that include Crete, Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes and Cyprus. To call the Greek Isles magical is not an overstatement. Greece, while very much a part of mainland Europe, is actually more a country of islands. While aContinue reading “Images Around The Greek Islands”

Images Of Norway

Photographic impressions from our travels… The Viking spirit still lives in Norway from working the North Sea oil fields to sailing the world’s sea lanes. A truly ruggedly beautiful land. Norway – land of the Norsemen, Vikings, seafaring people that a thousand years ago explored the world, set-up trade routes and colonies from North America,Continue reading “Images Of Norway”

Spain’s Public Prosecutor Punishes the Pro-Independence Movement for Its Historic Results in the Last Elections — Josep Goded

Spain and specifically Barcelona is one of our favorite places in Europe and we have been very concerned about the political struggles underway there over the last few years. If you haven’t discovered him yet, let us introduce you to Josep Goded. He has been doing a remarkable job of sending dispatches from the heartContinue reading “Spain’s Public Prosecutor Punishes the Pro-Independence Movement for Its Historic Results in the Last Elections — Josep Goded”