Fireworks On Bastille Day In Paris

A Short Story Traveling And An Unexpected Bastille Day We had been traveling through southern France for a week and intended to finish with a few days in Paris since that was where we would catch our flight home. When we planned this trip we hadn’t realized that July 14th was Bastille Day. When weContinue reading “Fireworks On Bastille Day In Paris”

A Classic Baroque Garden In Prague

If you have the opportunity to spend a few days seeing Prague make sure you put the Vrtba Garden on your list of places to visit. The gardens are terraced up a hillside on the west side of the river and is part of the Vrtba palace and provide some spectacular views of the city.Continue reading “A Classic Baroque Garden In Prague”

Cruise Life Magazine Vol. 2 No. 10

The Acropolis, Athens And Its Port City In This Issue Ancient Athens, Democracies Birthplace Rising up out of the center of Athens, Greece is the Acropolis. It sits atop a rock formation that rises 490 ft above the sea with a semi-flat surface that covers an area of about 7.4 acres. Considering its size it’sContinue reading “Cruise Life Magazine Vol. 2 No. 10”

A Growing Concern In Barcelona

An Occassion For A Deep Dive Into Graffiti We have visited Barcelona a number of times over the past few years and love this city. We have been watching the reports on the Free Catalonia movement and the harsh reaction of the central Spanish government and have been concerned. This last visit revealed what weContinue reading “A Growing Concern In Barcelona”

The Needles On The Isle Of Wight

The Isle Of Wight Is A Popular Holiday Destination For The English Almost any reference to the Isle of Wight includes the iconic Needles and the famous chairlift taking you up to view the Needles Rocks and the colored sands in the cliffs behind the beach. The famous landmark has much more than just beautifulContinue reading “The Needles On The Isle Of Wight”

Todays Featured Poster • Normandy Beaches

Sunset at a very special beach. Erected in the surf at the invasion beach designated Omaha, this memorial is dedicated to the allied soldiers who stormed the beaches on June 6th, 1944 in Normandy France. Still today it remains the single largest seaborne assault ever, involving 156,000 soldiers being put ashore that day along withContinue reading “Todays Featured Poster • Normandy Beaches”

The Legend Of RMS Titanic

Places Keeping The Legend Alive… In the annals of travel there have been a number of great tragedies. Also on that list are a number of ocean liner disasters. One tragedy seems to be a true legend that stands out from all the rest. The sinking of The White Star Lines RMS Titanic. After moreContinue reading “The Legend Of RMS Titanic”

River Cruising Across Europe

River Cruising Across Europe Part I – The Danube Europes main street is a waterway. It starts at the North Sea with the Rhine River, flows into the Main in Germany and then transitions to the Danube River. As it flows southeast across the continent it touches nine countries before finally emptying into the BlackContinue reading “River Cruising Across Europe”

Scandinavia Cruise Options

Cruise Scandinavia And The North Atlantic Cruise up Norway’s stunning fjords, visit The Netherlands’ fabled tulip fields and windmills, or stroll through the Viking medieval cities. Cruise the British Isles or stark Iceland. Popular Northern Europe And Atlantic Cruise Destination – Amsterdam and Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Alesund, Bergen and Flam (Norway), Copenhagen (Denmark), Stockholm (Sweden),Continue reading “Scandinavia Cruise Options”

The Cruise Port Of Rhodes Greece

Rhodes (Greek: Ρόδος, romanized: Ródos [ˈroðos]) is the largest of the Dodecanese islands of Greece and is also the island group’s capital. The island was the site of the legendary Colossus of Rhodes, a statue of the Greek sun-god Helios, erected by Chares of Lindos in 280 BC. It was one of the Seven WondersContinue reading “The Cruise Port Of Rhodes Greece”