World’s Best Hot Dogs

As American as hot dogs and apple pie is how the expression goes but here are some great hot dogs you have to leave the United States to get. There was a joke among business flyers years ago about the South. “If you die in the South you cannot get to Heaven without first connectingContinue reading “World’s Best Hot Dogs”

Safe Travel Isn’t An Accident • An Update

Safe Travel Tips There are some real horror stories out there and we’ve heard a few. The ones you really don’t want to hear are the ones told by family and friends and they’re usually about travel adventures gone wrong. After a couple of decades traveling around the world like us, you’re bound to learnContinue reading “Safe Travel Isn’t An Accident • An Update”

BREAKING NEWS: JetBlue and American Airlines

Neither Jet Blue or American have been our first choice in booking flights. Years ago with the demise of Eastern, American took over service to the Caribbean from the United States. They eliminated a lot of programs and held small Caribbean nations for ransom threatening to cancel the service that was their lifeblood. Now forContinue reading “BREAKING NEWS: JetBlue and American Airlines”