Road Trip With Children

Don’t Leave Fun Behind on Your Family’s Vacation Contributed by Henry Moore Traveling with your children opens up their worlds to a plethora of experiences. Seeing new places and meeting new people makes us kinder and more compassionate. It also helps when it comes to providing lessons on patience and adaptability. Making the mostContinue reading “Road Trip With Children”

A Rusty Old Beer Can

Artifacts and Ancient History A Short Story and Something Completely Different Hiking a mountain trail in Georgia recently we came across the old remains of a CCC camp facility in the woods and poking around the ruins I found an old beer can. It wasn’t just a piece of mountain litter but a true artifact.Continue reading “A Rusty Old Beer Can”

Travel For Its Own Sake

Often there are negative costs in traveling, like jet lag or becoming irregular but don’t let that stop you as the major benefits way outweigh those minor issues. “See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories. Ask for no guarantees, ask for no security.” Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451Continue reading “Travel For Its Own Sake”

In Praise of Public Transportation

Often Americans traveling internationally are amazed at the public transportation they encounter. From metro rail systems to street cars to modern bus fleets and even ferries it’s hard to believe how many cities have really impressive public transportation. With a few exceptions, Americans are just not accustomed to efficient, clean and economical public transportation. WhileContinue reading “In Praise of Public Transportation”

Spending Time In Gardens

Gardens are a human obsession. We’re not talking about tomatoes and corn but flowers and trees and ornamental bushes. In traveling there are always gardens to be explored and incredible gems to be discovered. It is difficult to spend time in a garden and not have your soul refreshed. Perhaps Francis Bacon said it best,Continue reading “Spending Time In Gardens”

Best Hotel Rewards Programs

Like everything else, the American hotel industry has evolved over time in their size and approach to marketing. They’ve grown from a handful of major names, each with a reputation based on the market segment they were try to serve to mega-corporations comprising large collections of brands ranging from economical to deluxe accommodations. Many ofContinue reading “Best Hotel Rewards Programs”

World’s Best Hot Dogs

As American as hot dogs and apple pie is how the expression goes but here are some great hot dogs you have to leave the United States to get. There was a joke among business flyers years ago about the South. “If you die in the South you cannot get to Heaven without first connectingContinue reading “World’s Best Hot Dogs”

Safe Travel Isn’t An Accident • An Update

Safe Travel Tips There are some real horror stories out there and we’ve heard a few. The ones you really don’t want to hear are the ones told by family and friends and they’re usually about travel adventures gone wrong. After a couple of decades traveling around the world like us, you’re bound to learnContinue reading “Safe Travel Isn’t An Accident • An Update”