Castles – A Photo Tour

We’ve been to Europe a number of times and are always drawn to the fantastic castles found in virtually every country. They stand as a substantial reminder of the remarkable history of this region. There’s a tour guide joke about traveling thru Europe called ABC – standing for Another Beautiful Church. Maybe not often asContinue reading “Castles – A Photo Tour”

Images of Budapest

If you haven’t given much thought to Budapest, Hungary maybe it’s time you did. This city can hold its own against any number of great European cities like Paris, Rome or London. There have been travel moments in our lives that just stay with us because they were so special. Strolling the banks of theContinue reading “Images of Budapest”

Index to Europe Articles

Barcelona to Montserrat Barcelona, Heart of Catalonia Dubrovnik, Croatie  A Few Days in Florence Keukenhof In The Spring Kotor, Montenegro  Normandy: A Place for Reflection Eight hours in Rome Getting Around in Rome (Part I) Getting to Civitavecchia  Skagen, The Watch & Town See Venice and… Changing of the Guard Copenhagen Malaga, Spain Room withContinue reading “Index to Europe Articles”

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