Photography and Using the Light

It’s All About The Light One of the biggest steps you can take to improve your outdoor photographs is to start seeing and paying attention to what the light is doing to the scene. Just as important as the subject of your picture is the light and how it adds (or subtracts) from the environment.Continue reading “Photography and Using the Light”

Composition And Photography

Composition Rules For Taking Better Photographs I’ve spent most of my life in photography and long ago I learned a few things about composition. What turns an okay picture into something really good. When to follow the rules and when to break them but most of all how important it is to be aware ofContinue reading “Composition And Photography”

Images Around Rome • Just Daydreaming

Photographic impressions from our travels… Rome, The Eternal City. By not traveling over the past year there’s a lot that we miss but especially we miss Rome. We feel there is no city anywhere that is as cosmopolitan or modern while still offering up thousands of years of history at almost every turn…

Images Around Sydney Australia

Photographic impressions from our travels… Australians living in Sydney are really lucky people. This beautiful city surrounds one of the world’s largest natural harbors while the area encompasses a number of world class beaches, the Blue Mountains a short train ride away and a fantastic waterfront that goes on for mile after mile. Sydney featuresContinue reading “Images Around Sydney Australia”

Images Around The Greek Islands

Photographic impressions from our travels… To the Southeast of the Greek mainland are the Greek islands of the Aegean that include Crete, Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes and Cyprus. To call the Greek Isles magical is not an overstatement. Greece, while very much a part of mainland Europe, is actually more a country of islands. While aContinue reading “Images Around The Greek Islands”

Images Of Norway

Photographic impressions from our travels… The Viking spirit still lives in Norway from working the North Sea oil fields to sailing the world’s sea lanes. A truly ruggedly beautiful land. Norway – land of the Norsemen, Vikings, seafaring people that a thousand years ago explored the world, set-up trade routes and colonies from North America,Continue reading “Images Of Norway”

Images Of A Walk In A Botanical Garden

Photographic impressions from our travels… The garden is laid out as a walk on a woodland trail and features sitting areas, a natural stream and a lily pond. The Atlanta Botanical Garden in Gainesville is located about 50 miles northeast of Atlanta. It’s been developed over the last ten years and offers a concert seriesContinue reading “Images Of A Walk In A Botanical Garden”

Images Of Transiting The Panama Canal

Photographic impressions from our travels… If you like cruising do not pass up an opportunity to transit the Panama Canal. It is one of life’s truly remarkable experiences. One of the modern era’s greatest engineering accomplishments is the digging and construction of the Panama Canal. One of the largest and most difficult engineering projects everContinue reading “Images Of Transiting The Panama Canal”

Images Of Iceland – Stark, Breathtaking, Wild

Photographic impressions from our travels… Iceland sits squarely on a rift in the Earth’s crust. In the middle of the island the rift is exposed and as it pulls apart it actually creates new land. Because of Icelands location on the rift in the Earth’s crust it has a number of thermal fields with eruptingContinue reading “Images Of Iceland – Stark, Breathtaking, Wild”