A Day On Haleakalā

A Large Volcano on the Hawaiian’ Island of Maui If you are visiting Maui be sure and take the time for a morning visit to another world. Haleakalā offers a glimpse into a landscape that leaves the impression that you have visited Mars, with the bonus of spectacular vistas of the Pacific and the islandContinue reading “A Day On Haleakalā”

Todays Poster • Kilauea Volcano At Night

In the whole world Mother Nature’s greatest show is undoubtedly the regular lava flows falling into the Pacific Ocean off the south shore of the big island of Hawai‘i. These exhibitions are a regular and at times a constant occurrence and are spectacular from dawn to late at night. The Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park hasContinue reading “Todays Poster • Kilauea Volcano At Night”

Todays Featured Poster • Kilauea

Kilauea Volcano dominates Volcano National Park on Hawaii’s Big Island. Constant lava flows pour off the islands southern coast constantly adding to the shoreline. Day and night boat tours pull in close to the pouring lava as clouds billow up from the sea. These giclée prints are available in several sizes and are custom printedContinue reading “Todays Featured Poster • Kilauea”

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Tropical Cruise Options

Winters Coming – Plan Your Escape A mild Winter, a snowy Winter – it doesn’t matter – Winter is usually cold and grey and there are times when it would just be great to get away! Cruise companies are well aware of the gloom of Winter and there is a whole armada of cruise shipsContinue reading “Tropical Cruise Options”

The Jones Act And What’s Wrong With Government

In The United States they’re called the Passenger Service Act and the Jones Act and they often prevent todays cruise companies from taking on and disembarking passengers in U.S. ports. The Passenger Service Act was created over 100 years ago to protect the American maritime business from foreign competition. It required that any ship carryingContinue reading “The Jones Act And What’s Wrong With Government”

Cruising The Pacific Ocean

Pacific Cruise Itineraries – While Alaska is one of cruising’s favorite destinations, the Pacific is the largest body of water on the planet, and Alaska is just the beginning of the Pacific adventure. Want to explore more? Look south from Canada and consider shorter Pacific itineraries by looking into a number of cruises based outContinue reading “Cruising The Pacific Ocean”

Hawaii – Tips On Planning A Trip

Hawaii is a destination on many peoples bucket list and rightly so. It is America’s Paradise, exotic but also genuinely American, distant but not too distant and an amazing blend of tropical waters, incredible beaches and unbelievable geology. There are eight major islands in the Hawaiian archipelago and each one has its own unique character.Continue reading “Hawaii – Tips On Planning A Trip”

Pacific Cruise Itineraries

Pacific Cruises – For those looking to venture a bit further from home there is a whole ocean of destinations to explore. That’s the largest body of water on the planet, The Pacific Ocean. Most Pacific cruisers start with a cruise to Alaska but that is just the beginning. Looking south from Canada consider shorterContinue reading “Pacific Cruise Itineraries”

Hiking In Haleakalā National Park

Going to spend some time on Maui, Hawaii? Don’t miss spending some time hiking on Haleakalā. If you can fit it in, catch a sunrise from the peak (Sunsets are less spectacular as the volcano’s top is usually shrouded in clouds by evening). There are few places like this where you can drive from seaContinue reading “Hiking In Haleakalā National Park”