Todays Featured Poster • Dominica WI

Dominica is a lush island with tall mountains and dozens of waterfalls. While it offers its share of good beaches, a large number of visitors come mainly to hike its rainforest trails and visit its waterfalls. The island is also a geothermal active area with a number of hot springs and steaming vents. These gicléeContinue reading “Todays Featured Poster • Dominica WI”

Tropical Cruise Options

Winters Coming – Plan Your Escape A mild Winter, a snowy Winter – it doesn’t matter – Winter is usually cold and grey and there are times when it would just be great to get away! Cruise companies are well aware of the gloom of Winter and there is a whole armada of cruise shipsContinue reading “Tropical Cruise Options”

Todays Featured Poster • Grenada W.I.

Fort George sits above St. George the capital of Grenada. The town is surrounded on two sides by the hills formed by an old volcano crater with its center creating a horseshoe-shaped harbor. Grenada is a popular Caribbean destination as the the town has developed in recently, while still preserving its history. Fort George wasContinue reading “Todays Featured Poster • Grenada W.I.”

The Port Of Cozumel Mexico

Port of Call The Island Of Cozumel This port of call is often referred to as Cozumel, but it is actually island on the southeast coast of Mexico and the actual port city is San Miguel de Cozumel. Located off the Yucatan peninsula it is part of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo and aContinue reading “The Port Of Cozumel Mexico”

Port of Call Cartagena, Columbia

The New Worlds Cartagena The city of Cartagena, Colombia is a place of contrasts between historic and modern and poverty and wealth. The city is located on a large natural bay with a peninsula that extends out into the Bay of Cartagena. The early Spaniards in the Caribbean made the bay their largest port inContinue reading “Port of Call Cartagena, Columbia”

Cruise Port of Roatan, Honduras

Roatan, Honduras – The Other Caribbean Most everyone is familiar with at least a few Caribbean islands like Sint Maarten, the Virgin Islands, Jamaica and Grand Cayman but there are a number of lesser known tropical islands that share that same Caribbean Sea. Roatan is the largest of the Honduran Bay Islands in the CaribbeanContinue reading “Cruise Port of Roatan, Honduras”

Port of Call Roatan Honduras

The Caribbean Island of Roatan, Honduras Roatan is the largest of the Honduran Bay Islands in the Caribbean and is becoming a popular cruise itinerary destination. Like many Caribbean destinations it is recognized for its beautiful beaches, water sports, including premier scuba and skin diving, and modern resorts. It also has a growing number ofContinue reading “Port of Call Roatan Honduras”