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A Passion For Travel & Photography

We’re travel addicts on the road to recovery. Well, maybe not recovery, but we’re surely on the road to somewhere!

Photographs are our keepsakes and memories. Places we’ve been and things we’ve experienced. A photograph is truly worth a thousand words.

Our Little Galleries • Small collections of just 3 or 4 photographs from special places or interesting subjects.


Welcome to The Intentional Traveler’s photo gallery. Take a minute or two, we’d love to hear what you think.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Natural Wonders and Wild Places

From geological wonders to frozen landscapes, waterfalls, and majestic mountains there is always something breathtaking over every horizon. Along with a world of fascinating creatures to get to know.

Music lesson, Sydney Australia

Interesting Faces

Fascinating people and places we’ve encountered as we travel. We rarely encounter people that aren’t eager to help and usually enjoy talking. No disrespect is ever intended.

People Pictures Vol. 1

To Protect & Serve

Exploring Black and White Photography

There is a special quality that images in black and white have that color seems to lack. Perhaps it is the way we get drawn into a different way of seeing where shades and composition fix our attention in a way that those bright color photographs can’t.

Odds & Ends From Near And Far

Gardens Near And Far

We love spending time in gardens. They’re usually quite and away from the hustle and bustle and who doesn’t love flowers?

Graffiti And Street Art Around The World

Vandalism, protest or street art, graffiti is a common site in many places and says a lot about many cities and countries.

Graffiti, Vandalism or Street Art

Street Art Around the World

Talking About Taking Photographs

My education was in photography and I have worked in the field for a number of years. I even spent a few years teaching college classes in photography. My photographs are in the collections of The George Eastman House as well as The Virginia Museum and my photos have appeared in numerous publications including Life Magazine. My work has been exhibited in gallery shows and included in the Life Library of Photography. While my speciality was technical photography, travel is my passion and I’m rarely without my camera. My approach to subject and composition is a bit “old school” and in retirement I have also turned back to printing in black in white. I believe B&W exhibits more depth and nuance than the exaggerated color images we see everywhere today. Photography, like nothing else, gives us the ability to capture a place or a moment in time that we can return to over and over again sharing with others.

Paradise Bay, Antarctica

Always searching for that photograph that speaks not just about the look of a place but how it made us feel in the moment.

Paradise Bay, Antarctica
Approaching Antarctica
Beagle Channel Lighthouse, Terra del Fuego
The South Coast of Iceland

The Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland
The Parthenon
Hong Kong
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