Images Of The Sultanate of Brunei

Photographic impressions collected from near and far…

The Sultan’s Palace
Bandar Seri Begawan Mall entrance

The independent Islamic Sultanate of Brunei is located on the northern coast of the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia. It is bounded to the north by the South China Sea and on all other sides by Malaysia, which also divides Brunei into two parts.

It’s best known for the opulent Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque, one of the worlds grandest mosques. It is adorned with immense chandeliers, magnificent stained glass, clad in imported Italian marble, and surrounded by a beautiful lagoon.

Brunei is a prosperous, modern place which owes oil for its good fortune and a Sultan who is best described as a beneficent ruler.

Chihuly Glass Compliments A Tropical Garden

Traditional glass art usually involves utility, tradition, symmetry. Dale Chihuly‘s work represents a departure from traditional glass art not just in concept but in scale. Chihuly created a new way of working glass, using gravity and spinning forces to work large molten glass. Even if you don’t recognize the name you’ve probably seen his work.Continue reading “Chihuly Glass Compliments A Tropical Garden”

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