Evening Along The Rhône River

Photographic impressions from our travels near and far…

Watch towers still keep a sharp eye on the enemy across the Rhône River in Vienne, France

In Southeastern France the Rhône River flows past ancient cities and through famous wine regions on its way to the Mediterranean.

Originating in Austria the river flows west into France where at Lyon it takes a turn to the south flowing through a number of ancient Roman cities like Arles one of Europe’s best preserved Roman cities, Nîmes with its splendid Les Arènes, a 1st-century amphitheater. On toward Avignon, the city of the Popes, and the small town of Orange originally founded as a Roman city in 45 BC featuring a fantastic Roman theater .

The Romans didn’t just build cities on the Rhône River, they are credited with bringing viticulture to Gaul, encouraging the planting of grape vines in areas that would become the well known wine regions of the Rhône River valley.

The Rhône as it flows through Lyon, France

The Cruise Port of Aruba

Located deep in the Southern Caribbean, Aruba, The Netherlands Antilles is a popular vacation destination and cruise port of call. Aruba deservedly is known for some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean along with its almost perfect weather. Taking advantage of those assets the government and businesses have invested heavily in building up…

One Scary Road In Utah

A Short Story Utah’s Hogsback on Route 12 Several years ago we spent a couple of weeks checking off items on our bucket list in the National Parks of Utah. We rented a car in Salt Lake City, toured the parks and dropped off the car in Las Vegas. One afternoon halfway through the trip…

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