Images of Cabo

Photographic impressions from near and far…

Lands End Cabo San Lucas Probably my favorite sunset ever. A place at the tip of Baja, Mexico where the land vanishes into the Pacific. Rugged rock formations stand above azure waters with pockets of beautiful sand beaches just too inviting to resist.

Out on a boat at Lands End as the Sun sets and the sky turns shades of pale orange. Frigate birds fill the sky as they glide along the rocks looking for places to roost.

One of Mexico’s most popular resorts, Cabo attracts sport fishermen, yachtsmen and Sun seekers from all over. They’re drawn to its luxury hotels and timeshares, restaurants, nightlife and that incredible mixing of land and sea.

Maybe Wireless Is The Solution

This is typical street wiring in Saigon, Vietnam (a few prefer to call it by its official name, Ho Chi Minh City) but you’ll see this sight throughout Southeast Asia. It also isn’t unusual to see two or three technicians hudled in front of a junction box with the door open and a similar tangle…

Destination South America

From Cartagena, Columbia to Ushuaia, Argentina the South American continent is an amazing land of natural wonders and human accomplishments. Explore the islands of the Galapagos or hike around Iguazu Falls, climb up to Machu Picchu or cruise through the Panama Canal. You can even cast off for a trip to Antarctica or walk among…

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