Images of Cabo

Photographic impressions from near and far…

Lands End Cabo San Lucas Probably my favorite sunset ever. A place at the tip of Baja, Mexico where the land vanishes into the Pacific. Rugged rock formations stand above azure waters with pockets of beautiful sand beaches just too inviting to resist.

Out on a boat at Lands End as the Sun sets and the sky turns shades of pale orange. Frigate birds fill the sky as they glide along the rocks looking for places to roost.

One of Mexico’s most popular resorts, Cabo attracts sport fishermen, yachtsmen and Sun seekers from all over. They’re drawn to its luxury hotels and timeshares, restaurants, nightlife and that incredible mixing of land and sea.

The Cruise Port of Aruba

Located deep in the Southern Caribbean, Aruba, The Netherlands Antilles is a popular vacation destination and cruise port of call. Aruba deservedly is known for some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean along with its almost perfect weather. Taking advantage of those assets the government and businesses have invested heavily in building up…

One Scary Road In Utah

A Short Story Utah’s Hogsback on Route 12 Several years ago we spent a couple of weeks checking off items on our bucket list in the National Parks of Utah. We rented a car in Salt Lake City, toured the parks and dropped off the car in Las Vegas. One afternoon halfway through the trip…

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